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American Man Reveals How Disney Cut Gross Bluey Scene For US Audiences

Stewart Perrie

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American Man Reveals How Disney Cut Gross Bluey Scene For US Audiences

An American man has revealed how the US can sometimes get different versions of Bluey episodes.

The iconic children's show is hosted by Disney+ in the United States and the streaming service exercises a bit more control over what they want to show kids.

The American dad said he noticed there was a 'very abrupt' and 'very odd' scene change during one episode.


He asked his followers on TikTok: "Did you notice the really weird transition in the episode 'Markets' where Bluey gets off the pony and then they're buying German sausage?"

Knowing that the editors wouldn't have left in a sloppy moment in the Emmy Award-winning series, he did some digging and found something interesting.

"So it turns out, it's so weird, because they cut a scene out of that episode that they'll show in Australia but Disney won't show in the US," he said.

He discovered the Americanised version of the show cut the moment when a rainbow unicorn named Buttermilk took a massive dump next to Bluey and scared her off.


Australians have been blown away by the revelation and the idea that Disney won't allow poo to be seen during a children's episode. It's a perfectly natural process, especially for an animal.

One person on Reddit wrote: "No wonder Americans are so sheltered. The entire content of world media is specially filtered to suit their needs, while nobody does the same to their stuff!"

Another added: "They're censoring Bluey???? Americans really have no limits to their puritanical hysteria."


A third said: "If Bluey went to school and shot half the class they'd be okay with it."

But that's not the only section of a Bluey episode that has been amended for American audiences.

There is a scene in 'BBQ' where they had to alter the script because US viewers don't understand what a capsicum is and so they changed it to pepper.

The British version of the show had to edit out the word 'thongs' when Muffin shows Chilli her new shoes because the word 'thong' is considered to be adult underwear in the UK.


In 'Daddy Putdown', Disney censored a scene where Bingo asks Bandit how babies get put into a mother's belly because they thought it wasn't appropriate for children to learn about procreation.

One of the more well-known moments is the episode titled 'Dad Baby' because the episode description and 'acting of child birth (even though playing) would be deemed far too inappropriate for Disney's eyes'.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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Stewart Perrie
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