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Aussie Asks Since When Do Australians Clap And Cheer At The Cinema

Aussie Asks Since When Do Australians Clap And Cheer At The Cinema

The movie-goer was shocked and annoyed to hear so many people get rowdy while watching Thor: Love and Thunder.

An Australian person has taken to social media to ask why the hell cinema-goers are clapping and cheering.

Everyone wasn't allowed to go to the movies over the last few years because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but people are finally starting to head back to their local cinema to soak up some entertainment.

However, it seems like there are some people who are really excited about seeing a film.

A person who went to see Thor: Love and Thunder when it was released in Australia this week was shocked to hear people loudly cheering.

They took to social media to complain about the rowdiness.

"My wife and I saw Thor last night," the explained on Reddit. "I'd been really looking forward to this one, more than any other Marvel film for a while.

"But when the movie started, people starting clapping and cheering. They did the same thing whenever a familiar character popped up on screen.

"I found it really distracting because I kept thinking about it.

"I've been going to the cinema for 30 years or so, and I've been to the opening night of blockbuster movies before.

"This is first time I've ever seen cheering though. Is this a thing now? What's going on?"

There have been plenty of films in recent times, mainly superhero ones with blockbuster moments or twists, that have sparked applause and cheer from the audience.

However, this movie-goer was surprised to see it happening in Australia.

Thankfully for them, they weren't alone.


In the comments section, loads of people agreed that it was similar to when people clap when a plane lands.

One person said: "I've stopped seeing Marvel movies in cinemas so soon after release, can't hear what's going on because people are carrying on like silly pork chops."

Another added: "I was at the midnight showing for Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. All six theatres went berserk when Yoda pulled his lightsaber out and started squaring up."

The original poster clarified that they didn't mean the usual audience noises that are heard during a movie.

"I don't mind people reacting. Gasping or laughing or saying 'Wow!' to their friends," they said.

"That stuff doesn't bother me, it's a communal space. But this was clapping and cheering how people do at a sports game, like the movie was happening live or something."

To be fair, the debate centres around whether it's okay for someone to express how goddam excited they are during a form of entertainment.

It's tricky because if you're really into the movie that you're seeing, it can be difficult not to get swept up in the hype and atmosphere.

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