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Michael Jordan's New Golf Course Uses Drones To Deliver Beer And Snacks To Players

Michael Jordan's New Golf Course Uses Drones To Deliver Beer And Snacks To Players

This is the future of golf.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Golfers have shared videos of what it's like to play on Michael Jordan's Florida course and it looks pretty epic.

Usually, you have to wait until the halfway house to get a beer or you have to be sneaky and pack a few tinnies in your golf bag if you want to enjoy a beverage.

However, if you step on the basketball legend's course, named The Grove XXIII, you won't have to wait for a drink or snack.

That's because the course uses drones to make deliveries to people wherever they are.

Former tennis star Caroline Wozniacki posted a video of the technology in action and honestly we can't wait to have a round of nine or 18 holes.

The course boasts world class facilities and extravagant clubhouses, however everyone is dead keen to be on the tee-off of the 15th and have a drone fly down and drop off a couple of cans. Hopefully these bad boys aren't the loud type otherwise it could put loads of golfers off their game.

For those of us that didn't get to witness Michael Jordan play in the flesh, The Last Dance docuseries offered many insights into what he's like as a bloke.


He was a serial winner, six-time NBA champion, a person that transcended basketball and was the type of guy that liked holding onto the odd grudge here and there. But on top of that, he also liked to live the high life.

A man with flashy sports cars and designer clothes off the court combined with a swagger and unparalleled belief in his own ability.

When the Chicago Bulls legend finally retired (for the third or fourth time) in the early 2000s, it didn't take long before it took up another sport: golf.

And when you've got seemingly all the money in the world, why not open your own golf course?

The Grove XXIII was opened last year and people have only just caught onto the drone technology. It's not clear whether they were always a part of the grand plan or if it's to do with social distancing but we're hoping it's a trend that's here to stay.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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