Netflix Has Renewed You For Season 4


Netflix has commissioned a fourth season of the hit TV series You.

Season 3 is set to drop this Friday (October 15) and the streaming service believes fans will be keen to see another instalment.

Netflix made the announcement with a video on YouTube that did a bunch of flashbacks from the first two seasons.

Joe Goldberg's (Penn Badgley) voice can be heard saying things like 'I would do anything for you' and 'I just want to be good enough for you'.

The video then ends with the revelation that season four will be given to us eventually.

Fans have been dying to see the third season after the filming schedule was pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The trailer for the upcoming season only dropped last month and it gave fans a very good insight into what we can expect.

The trailer shows Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) welcome their new child and sack off all the murdering and stalking for a quiet life in the suburbs.

But of course, Joe is soon back on the stalking and this time, the object of his obsession is his neighbour Natalie (Michaela McManus).

This goes about as well as expected and we soon see Joe disposing of a body, with Love clearly not taking Joe's wandering eye lying down.


We pick up the new season after Love's brother, Forty, figured out Joe's identity - and more importantly, what he'd done.

After finding out, Forty decided to go after the killer himself.

However, just before he was able to pull the trigger to get rid of Joe forever, a cop who had been tailing them shot Forty, killing him. So once again, every obstacle has been removed from psychopath Joe's way.

There have been delays to the third instalment of the show due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, fan's excitement has shown no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile, the show's co-creator Sera Gamble explained that 'there's lots to come' with the new mystery neighbour seen at the end of the second season, for starters.

Has Joe Goldberg got his eyes on something/one else? Credit: Netflix

Gamble made the revelation during a virtual chat with the star of the show, Penn Badgley, as they watched and discussed some of the best moments of season 2.

Reflecting on a clip in which Joe peeks through his fence at the unknown woman, Badgley said: "I want to ask you about what we're going to do here but you can't really tell us."

To which Gamble replied: "It's pretty obvious when we were filming this that we were careful not to show too much of her because that role hasn't technically been cast yet. But there's lots to come with that neighbour."

We wouldn't expect anything less!

Season 3 of You drops on Netflix on 15 October.

Season 3 is set to drop this week and Netflix is already gearing up for another instalment.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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