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Seth Rogen Believes The World Needs To Stop Stigmatising Weed

Seth Rogen Believes The World Needs To Stop Stigmatising Weed

He says there are far more dangerous drugs that have been normalised in society and it's time for marijuana to follow.

Seth Rogen wants the world to eliminate stigmatisation around the devil’s lettuce.

While speaking with The Guardian, the actor opened up about the negative connotations attached to weed and why these conservative attitudes need to be challenged.

“Why should it be any worse to go to a cannabis site than it is to walk into a restaurant that serves alcohol?" he said.

“It shouldn’t be, it’s like you not going into an Applebee’s because they have beer.”

The Pineapple Express actor co-founded his company, Houseplant, a lifestyle brand rooted in cannabis products, with Mikey Mohr and long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg.

Kay Blake/Alamy

After spending years collecting vintage ashtrays and lighters, Rogen was inspired to make a quality range for cannabis users.

These products, many of which are designed by Rogen himself, include lighters, matchboxes, papers, ashtrays, carry cases, cup sets and match strikers.

Rogen hopes Houseplant can help reduce the ‘stigma’ attached to weed, as he notes there are far more dangerous drugs that have been normalised.

“I think this stigmatisation of weed and this idea that it is this illicit thing that is in any way more dangerous than, most accepted American activities and Canadian activities, like drinking, that’s exactly what we are working against," he told The Guardian.

The Superbad actor has also previously spoken to Complex about how he believes the criminalisation of weed is rooted in racism.

While the comedian has worked alongside the Marijuana Policy Project, Cage-Free Cannabis and Black Lives Matter, he is unfazed by the criticism of his Houseplant brand being too ‘political’.

“I think weed is a political thing in America right now, and if you pretend it’s not, that is a political stance where you are taking the position of denying reality and ignoring the actual political climate that we live in right now and we do not want to do that," he told The Guardian.

Finally, when asked where he sees himself and the industry in the next few years, he said he wishes for federal laws around cannabis to be amended.

“I hope that weed is federally legal. I hope that people understand that there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be," he said.

“And, I hope that slowly people understand that the things they’ve been told about it are not true and that most people, if not everyone, can in some way incorporate weed into their lives that would be positive.”

We just hope the infamous Pineapple Express cross joint is included in Rogen’s highly curated range too.

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