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Steve Aoki Stops His Own Performance To Show Off His New $859,000 Alien NFT Doodle

Steve Aoki Stops His Own Performance To Show Off His New $859,000 Alien NFT Doodle

The DJ seemed pretty chuffed to own one of just 10 alien NFT doodles in the world.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Steve Aoki has paused his own live performance to tell everyone about a recent investment he made.

The world-renowned DJ stopped the music and informed his guests that he was the proud owner of one of 10 alien doodle NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The 'Turbulence' beat maker held up his phone while up on the stage to all the mere mortals below him.

"Check this little gorgeous alien out," he yelled into the microphone to his audience.

"Look at him! I had to stop the music because I'm so f**king excited. This is the Steve Aoki doodle, take a good look guys!"

Not going to lie here, but if I was having a rager of a night dancing to some slick beats inside a club and the DJ stopped the music to boast about a recent investment, I would not be happy.

He said NFTs make him feel like a kid again and, well, good for him. Now turn the music back on.

If you've somehow missed the whole NFT bandwagon (good for you), then sit back and get ready to have your mind blown.

NFTs are 'unique cryptographic tokens' that can come in many forms, with the most notable being avatars or images of monkeys/aliens.

When you own an NFT, you essentially possess the rights to that token, even though an NFT can be shared on the internet a million times.

They exist on the blockchain and are regularly bought, sold and traded with Ethereum (ETH), which is a type of cryptocurrency.

Rarity Sniper reports that Aoki forked out 269.69 ETH for his alien sketch, which ends up being around $859,000.

Aoki took to Twitter after making his groundbreaking purchase to celebrate how good it is.

"Just purchased the 9th rarest doodles in existence! There are only 10 alien type doodles ever created and I own one of them now! Welcome #2238 to the family!"

Looks like art really is in the eye of the beholder.

The DJ is no stranger to buying NFTs and, according to Mixmag, has built up an impressive collection of the cryptographic tokens.

He's even gone as far as starting his own NFT marketplace with comic book author Todd McFarlane and they've called it Oddkey.

The Covid-19 pandemic spawned his interest in NFTs because he couldn't play multiple shows in the week.

He revealed to Forbes: "I've spent millions in buying NFTs, I've created a bunch of different collections, worked with tons of different artists, I worked with Sotheby's and whatnot.

"But one thing was certain, there was no marketplace that reflected something that I wanted to be a part of. And this is why I reached out to Todd in the beginning part of this year."

Featured Image Credit: Steve Aoki/Twitter

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