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WWE Star Paige Poses In 'Hot' New Neck Brace In Instagram Post

WWE Star Paige Poses In 'Hot' New Neck Brace In Instagram Post

WWE star Paige has made the most of an unfortunate situation

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

Former WWE wrestler Paige has made the most of an unfortunate situation after she posted a fairly unusual Instagram photoshoot after undergoing neck surgery.

Known for her punk sense of style, she matched her new black neck brace with a pair of Vans and lingerie - and fans were loving the results, telling her that she's finally found a way to make neck braces look hot.

Paige - real name Saraya Bevis - originally suffered an injury during a six-woman tag match after she took a hard kick to the back of the head from co-star Sasha Banks. Despite looking innocuous at the time, she took to Twitter to confirm that she had spinal stenosis which meant that she was forced to retire from the ring.

She's had surgery previously to try and help her condition, but she was forced to pull out of a meet and greet in Toronto due to complications.

Paige Has Embraced Her Neck Brace.
Instagram - @realpaigewwe

She revealed the latest news on her Instagram, saying that she has the "neck of a 60 year old". She said: "Not the best pic of me but had another consultation with my fave doctor in the world! @thejuanuribe checking up on my neck.

"Unfortunately I have the neck of a 60 year old. The first fusion healed perfectly.

"But I developed another hernia above it after my match in Uniondale. It didn't get better over time.. One more surgery."

Since retiring from the ring, the two-time WWE Divas Champion has continued to thrive in the wrestling business by transforming herself into an authority figure and tag team manager. Her story was even made into a film. On 29 December 2018, reminisced about the event that changed her life forever.

Paige Posted The Lingerie And Neckbrace Photo On Instagram.
Instagram / @realpaigewwe

She said: 'One year ago today. Crazy how time flies. I bounced back from rock bottom, came back and took a big knock in my wrestling career, had my whole come back brought to a halt. I was pretty down. But not out. I knew at this moment my career as a in ring competitor was over. But I wasn't gonna give up. @wwe took care of me and gave me the best job as GM and I loved every moment of it and look forward to what they have in store for me next. I miss wrestling everyday but I have some incredible things to come in 2019. More to come from @thesarayastore with clothes and cosmetics, A MOVIE ABOUT MY LIFE?!!! What the fuhhhh?!! And having someone very special and incredible to bring the new year in with and go on adventures with. I'm very fortunate, even after a lot of unfortunate circumstances. I'm the happiest and healthiest I've ever been! Pretty cool huh.'

Despite being a powerful figure in the WWE, some 'fans' have previously taken it upon

themselves to make comments about her body. Paige shot them down in a heartfelt statement.

Paige Previously Slammed Body Shamers In Instagram Post.
Instagram / @realpaigewwe

We wish Paige a speedy recovery from her injury. But even in a neck brace, if you diss her, she'll probably still suplex you before you can say sorry.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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