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Joey Swoll threatens to 'end career' of WWE star over his gym behaviour

Joey Swoll threatens to 'end career' of WWE star over his gym behaviour

Swoll wasn't impressed with a video he saw of two WWE stars in the gym

Joey Swoll has threatened to end the career of a WWE star over his behaviour in the gym.

The fitness influencer called out two WWE stars after a video was shared of them shouting at a man in the gym who walked in front of their camera while filming.

The fitness influencer called out two WWE stars.

Swoll - who is dubbed the 'CEO of gym positivity' is known for calling out bad behaviour in the gym.

It all came about when Grayson Waller and Austin Theory were working out in the gym, training for an upcoming event.

While filming ahead of one of their events, a man who was also training in the gym accidentally walked in front of their camera, leaving them pretty fuming.

And Swoll wasn't happy at all about the way in which they reacted.

“Grayson Waller and Austin Theory, you think just because you’re a couple of WWE superstars that you get to treat people this way," he said.

“Just because you’re filming, everybody else has to stop what they’re doing just for you.

“I’m sorry, you don’t own the gym and I don’t really care who you are.”

Things escalated when Theory responded, saying he was: "lookin’ like the guy that’ll smack the s**t out of @joeyswoll."

Once again, Swoll hit back in the video, telling Theory he could 'end his career' both on social media and in the ring.

“Listen here little man you don’t want this smoke," he said.

"Not from me and not from my Swoll army. If you ask me you should be a little more concerned about training those little legs than talking smack.

“But if you want to keep running your mouth, I’m happy to end your career – not just on social media but in your ring. WWE, make it happen.

“You need to do better, mind your own business.”

Swoll's fans were quick to jump in, with one commenting: "I want to comment on these videos so bad but you take the words out my mouth every time."

While another added: "Couldn’t have said it better myself."

The pair were shouting at a man who stepped in front of the camera.

And the saga continued, with Waller then getting involved himself.

“For a bunch of people who worship you (Joey Swoll) as a gym guy, your fans are a bunch of fat, ugly losers," he said.

“Maybe your fans should have spent more time reading than pretending to go to the gym.”

You can see what he had to say below:

The dispute continues...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Joey Swoll

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