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Leonardo DiCaprio rumoured to be dating model who wasn’t even born when Titanic was released

Leonardo DiCaprio rumoured to be dating model who wasn’t even born when Titanic was released

The actor recently broke up with girlfriend Camila Morrone

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will be aware that Leonardo DiCaprio recently separated from his girlfriend.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Hollywood star had called it a day with Camila Morrone not long after she turned 25.

The 47-year-old has come in for a fair bit of flack since the news broke, with some criticising him for having a penchant for the younger woman.

But while most of us would still be face planting a tub of Ben and Jerry's with Dido on repeat following a split, Leo seems to have already moved on.

Following news of the break-up, photographs have surfaced of the actor soaking up the sun in St Tropez with Maria Beregova, who again is many years the actor's junior.

Just to put the age difference into some kind of perspective, she is 22 years old, which means she was not even born when DiCaprio made his big break in Titanic.

Camilla Morrone split from Leonardo DiCaprio recently.
Paul Smith/Alamy

Despite the rumours, though, the Ukrainian model didn't give much away when she was asked about the photos during an interview on Australian radio show The 2DayFM Morning Crew today (2 September), telling the host she couldn't 'discuss anything regarding her personal life'.

But while she might not be old enough to remember the 1997 classic hitting the cinema, she says she's certainly seen it.

"Who hasn’t seen this movie? If you haven’t seen it, you better go home and put it on and watch that movie," she joked.

And when asked who her favourite character is, she added: "All of the actors."

This comes after an Australian columnist unleashed on the star for dating young women.

Mary Madigan put pen to paper after The Great Gatsby actor's latest break-up and noted how DiCaprio's dating habits are such common knowledge that some women take to social media 'on their 25th birthday that they are now too old to date Leo'.

"Funny, yes! But also, kind of depressing to associate 25 with being too old to date a movie star who is decades older than you," she wrote for

His relationships have a very strong pattern. They're all models and - occasionally - actresses.

"They are always in their early 20s, and the relationship always seems to end once they turn 25," Madigan pointed out.

Despite the avalanche of social media jokes before and after Morrone's birthday, Madigan argued that DiCaprio's behavioural patterns is something that shouldn't be joked about.

"It normalises a culture where wealthy, powerful men pursue relationships with women less powerful than themselves, emotionally and financially," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/20th Century Fox

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