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Lewis Capaldi says he's a 'huge fan' of Fake Taxi after he was approached by the company

Lewis Capaldi says he's a 'huge fan' of Fake Taxi after he was approached by the company

The singer admitted that he was a fan of the adult series

Lewis Capaldi is known for being pretty honest about his personal life, often speaking about it while onstage.

But he may have offered a little too much information this week when he revealed that he was a 'huge fan' of Fake Taxi:

The Scottish popstar was performing in Prague last night (17 February) when she shared a recent encounter he had with the people behind the popular porn series.

For those of you who aren't as familiar as the 26-year-old with the channel's work, here's a little explanation.

The fairly simple premise of the infamous series, which is now run from the Czech capital, centres on a taxi driver picking up attractive women, offering them lifts to their desired destination.

But unlike the usual cab ride, these customers often end up with their clothes on the floor and the driver in the back seat with them.

I think you can imagine the rest.

Lewis Capaldi told fans that he met the guy who runs Fake Taxi.

Well, it turns out that Lewis is aware of Fake Taxi's work, and told fans that he actually bumped into the man behind it all.

Recalling the encounter during his concert, the singer said: "The guy's son who runs Fake Taxi came to the f**king show.

"And he introduced himself as like, 'Hi, my dad runs Fake Taxi'. And I was like, 'I don't know what that is. Don't try and make me seem like a pervert'.

"Maybe I said it, I'm a huge fan."

Unsurprisingly, having one of the biggest popstars in the world profess their love for their work went down pretty well with the folks over at Fake Taxi.

The singer admitted his love for the adult series.

Sharing footage from the gig to their Twitter account, the site said it was willing to give Lewis a spin the next time he's in town.

They said: "DM for a ride from the airport next time @LewisCapaldi."

Back in 2019, Lewis shared his utter disbelief at seeing Fake Taxi had started following his account on Twitter.

After discovering that both Babestation and Fake Taxi had expressed their support for him, Lewis was pretty taken aback.

Posting a screenshot of the notification, the popstar said simply: "Oh."

The pic was shared a selfie of himself looking a mixture of confused and terrified by the news.

His latest admission comes just a month after Lewis gave his fans an insight to his search history, which is never a good idea.

Posting a screenshot to Twitter, it showed that among the usual suspects like Google and Facebook, one of the singer's frequently visited site was PornHub.

I mean, of course, it is.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/TikTok/@steviehats

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