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Lewis Capaldi says he took great pleasure teaching Americans the words ‘n***e, minge and clunge’

Lewis Capaldi says he took great pleasure teaching Americans the words ‘n***e, minge and clunge’

The cheeky Scotsman is at it again... this time providing an educational service to those in the US.

Lewis Capaldi has revealed how delighted he was at teaching Americans some of his hometown slang.

The cheeky Scotsman is renowned for his dirty jokes and for being just plain good craic... and now it seems he's been using that to educate audiences across the pond.

Capaldi took to Twitter to share his latest foray into the educational sector.

"Had the pleasure of teaching some American radio hosts the words n***e, minge and clunge today," the 'Hold Me While You Wait' singer said on social media.

Lewis Capaldi/Twitter

The tweet then triggered a second wave of learning on social media, with many asking for definitions of what the three slang words meant.

Some trolled those asking, explaining that 'clunge' is a slang word used for a toilet.

Another person pointed out a bonkers conversation they saw on social media where another person confessed they thought the term n***e was the plural or a collective noun for a group of nuns. Yikes.

Thankfully, some others clarified to explain the respective terms meant 'paedophile' and slang terms for female genitalia.

Capaldi is literally causing mayhem wherever he goes... and we love to see it.

This comes only a few days after a string of cheeky gaffes on UK morning shows, which left several TV presenters red-faced as he promoted his new single 'Forget Me'.

On September 24, he confused the word 'room' with something else entirely thanks to BBC host Naga Munchetty's accent.

In the blink of an eye, Capaldi dramatically shifted the tone of the show... and all before 9am.

"I thought you said a rim," he told the presenter, referring to the sex act. "I was like, 'jeez'."

With this, Naga's jaw dropped, and like any professional presenter, she decided to hastily move things along.

Naga was caught off guard.
BBC Breakfast

A week prior to his BBC appearance, he left morning show host Lorraine Kelly utterly stunned when he offered her 'seven inches of me' on her show.

He handed the shocked host a gift - a seven-inch vinyl - during the September 13 episode of Lorraine.

He said: "There you go, my seven inch... record. Sorry.

"Yeah that's actually a Bastille record that's inside it so please don't open it, that's a mistake on our part."

Luckily the gift was much appreciated, with Lorraine saying 'I love vinyl' as she started going red in the face at the innuendo.

So who knows, perhaps Capaldi will sack in the music one day and dedicate himself to his comedy.

Featured Image Credit: AFF / Alamy. IAN GEORGESON / Alamy.

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