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Lewis Capaldi admits he spends ‘most of the time hating himself’ when he's writing songs

Lewis Capaldi admits he spends ‘most of the time hating himself’ when he's writing songs

The Scottish singer appeared on Hot Ones, with Capaldi admitting he 'hated' himself while songwriting.

Despite being one of the UK’s biggest musicians, Lewis Capaldi doesn’t have a whole lot of love for himself when he's crafting his tunes.

In fact, the ‘Before You Go’ singer admitted that he spends of ‘most of the time hating’ himself when he's songwriting.

The new interview comes just a few weeks after his heartbreaking set at Glastonbury, where the Scottish star was cheered on by crowds as he struggled on stage.

Lewis Capaldi appeared on Hot Ones this week.
YouTube/First We Feast First We Feast

Appearing on the iconic Hot Ones show, the 26-year-old made the admission when asked about his songwriting process.

During the intimate interview, Capaldi revealed that he’d struggled to write the number one single ‘Someone You Loved’ and spent the better part of a year unable to finish the track.

“People say that songwriting is like catharsis…it's a beautiful thing but catharsis isn’t always comfortable or enjoyable,” he explained during the YouTube show.

He told host Sean Evans: “I spend most of the time hating myself when I’m writing songs.

“I think that’s fine. That’s my process.

“I subject the general public to the pain of listening to music, so I feel like I should have to suffer as well."

The singer had an emotional moment whilst performing at Glastonbury.

Though he struggles with accepting himself, the singer did have some wise words for fans on imposter syndrome, telling them: “If you feel like an imposter and you shouldn’t be doing the things you are doing, it’s probably because you’re stuck.”

While Capaldi might not be his own biggest supporter, the musician was shown a lot of love during his recent Glastonbury set.

Part-way through his performance on the iconic Pyramid Stage, he began to struggle, and the singer even lost his voice as he performed some of his greatest hits.

Seeing that he’s unable to keep performing, the crowd continued to sing in Capaldi’s place and allowed the twenty-something to have a break.

Clearly overcome with emotion, he tried to carry on and even tried to sing again as his fans lifted him up.

Shortly after the gig, he announced that he would stop touring for the ‘foreseeable future' as he comes to terms with his Tourette’s diagnosis.

In a statement on Instagram, he told fans: “I used to be able to enjoy every second of show like this and I’d hoped three weeks away would sort me out.

"But the truth is I’m still learning to adjust to the impact of Tourette’s and on Saturday it became obvious that I need to spend much more time getting my mental and physical health in order, so I can keep doing everything I love for a long time to come.”

We wish Lewis all the best and can’t wait to have him back touring.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / First We Feast

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