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Lily Allen Fans Outraged She's Being Referred To As 'David Harbour's Wife'

Lily Allen Fans Outraged She's Being Referred To As 'David Harbour's Wife'

The couple got married in 2020

Fans of the singer Lily Allen have been left outraged after she was simply referred to as ‘David Harbour’s wife’ on social media. 

The couple, who got hitched in 2020, have both carved out impressive careers in the public eye with Allen having a string of hit songs and several successful tours under her belt - while her other half has a long list of acting credits to his name, including, of course, his role of Jim Hopper in Stranger Things

However, despite her lengthy pop career, it seems some young folk are not familiar with the 'F**k You' singer - do you feel really old now? It can’t just be me. 


In one viral TikTok video, Allen’s track 'Smile' plays while text on the screen reads: “Y’all I just found out that David Harbour’s wife sings this song.”

As you can imagine, fans of Allen were not impressed with the singer being billed as just ‘David Harbour’s wife’, with one sharing a screen shot of the video on Twitter and writing: “Lily Allen has given us so much... these kids need an EDUCATION.”

Another said: “Lily Allen didn’t rhyme Tesco with Alfresco just for you people to refer to her as 'David Harbour’s wife'. It’s blasphemy."

While someone else fumed: “Lily Allen did not go that hard on ‘Hard Out Here’ just to be called someone’s wife.” 

Allen and Harbour started dating in 2019 and tied the knot on 7 September 2020 in a Las Vegas wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator. 

Harbour recently revealed that the pair met on a dating app while he was over in the UK filming. 

David Harbour and Lily Allen.

Speaking to GQ Hype, 47-year-old Harbour said: "I was in London alone, doing Black Widow, on this app, going on dates and stuff.

"And yeah, I started texting with her, she was in Italy at the time — we got together, went on a date at The Wolseley, and it was, you know, she's f***ing unbelievable."

Opening about falling for each other, he continued: "She claims to have fallen in love at first sight with me — I mean, who wouldn't?

"I remember the exact moment. It was our third date. I was just in this phase, where I was like, I'm just going to be brutally honest about everything, because why lie? And I told her something about my life, about my beliefs.

"It would take a really extraordinary person to be accepting of the things that I said. And I remember thinking: 'Wow, that's somebody I want to be around'."

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