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Liver King shows off incredible body transformation after going '55 days natural'

Liver King shows off incredible body transformation after going '55 days natural'

The influencer claims he gave up steroids in January

The so-called 'Liver King' showed off his muscles as he claimed he's 'more ripped' after almost two months without steroids than he was when he used performance enhancing drugs.

The influencer, whose real name is Brian Johnson, caused outrage when he admitted last year that his incredibly ripped physique wasn't just the result of a diet made up of raw animal organs.

See how he's changed since:

Despite previously denying that he was a steroid user, Johnson admitted in December he was 'on steroids, monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician'.

After previously touting the benefits of raw organs, including liver, Johnson claimed to officially put his money where his mouth is at the start of this year and embark on a steroid-free diet.

His latest update on 26 February said he'd successfully gone 55 days without the drugs - or rather, '55 days natty AF' - and talked viewers through his dinner plans, which included steaks, blood sausages, 'a couple of hearts', raw liver, raw testicle and bone marrow, among other things.

The Liver King claims he is 55 days natural.

A similar update came a few days earlier, when the Liver King reached 52 days 'natty AF'.

In a post on his Instagram Story, he talked about the benefits of his new diet as he said: "What I've gained in health, mobility and light heartedness far eclipses the weight that I've lost, plus I think I'm more ripped."

Liver King's claims have led to some mixed responses, with some showing their support for Johnson while Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette was left questioning: "How is he getting more ripped, getting more shredded and stronger while going off all those performance enhancing drugs for 52 days? It doesn't make sense."

Johnson has insisted 2 January was the last day he took steroids, saying in a video on Instagram that he doesn't know 'what the future has in store', but insisted he had made an 'earnest commitment' to give it his 'best f***ing effort'.

The Liver King originally claimed his physique came from his diet alone.

After 30 days off the drugs, he shared footage of how his body has changed and wrote: "30 days natty… feeling stronger, healthier and happier than ever! To be clear, I’ve lost a few lbs… but who gives a f**k? What matters is regaining my sense of purpose… my drive for life… and my health span. Not to mention, the trust of people I value most. Can’t wait to share MOOAAAAR! [sic]."

Johnson faced backlash after admitting he had taken steroids, with experts saying he was advertising unrealistic expectations through his liver-heavy diet.

Dr Mair Underwood, an anthropologist who specialises in the study of bodybuilding culture at the University of Queensland, told ABC News: "If you think, 'All I have to do is eat a bull's testicles and take these supplements and then I can look like the Liver King,' and then you don't get there, it's going to really mess with your head and you might start asking yourself what's wrong with you."

Featured Image Credit: Liver King / Instagram

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