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Do Contestants Drink Alcohol On Love Island?

Do Contestants Drink Alcohol On Love Island?

Love Island contestants aren't allowed to drink significant alcohol on the show

This year's Love Island is in full swing, and it hasn’t skipped out on the drama.

The show has already treated us with plenty of twists and turns, as we’ve recently seen the girls leave the lads behind and head off to the second villa, Casa Amor, to meet a whole lotta new boys.

Nevertheless, despite Love Island looking like a luxury holiday where the contestants are free to do what they want,

there are in fact some pretty strict rules the contestants are required to follow.

One of the most game changing regulations on the show are the rules regarding drinking alcohol.

Unlike other reality TV series (e.g. Geordie Shore) we never see the contestants getting drunk.

So what are the rules surrounding drinking on Love Island?

Do Contestants Drink Alcohol On Love Island?

Although we often see the islanders with a glass in hand throughout the show, alcohol consumption is very limited. 

Contestants from the programme’s history have given us a pretty good idea on how much they drank over the course of the show, with 2016 Islander Liana Isadora Van-Riel telling  The Sun:

‘You’re allowed one or two drinks a night, either wine or beer, no spirits.’

Air Hostess Amy Hart, who appeared on Love Island back in 2019, also revealed on TikTok that “it's one drink on a normal night and then two drinks if it's a long night.”

"A lot of us didn't end up drinking because what's the point in having one glass?

However, she did also mention that the lack of alcohol wasn’t necessarily a bad thing saying “when there's massive rows I always thought 'imagine that with a skinful of alcohol', so I actually didn't mind and, also, no hangovers, which was good.”

To be honest, Love Island scenes have been known to be explosive enough, so it’s understandable why the producers haven’t added drinking into the equation.

What Are The Other Love Island Rules?

Aside from heavily monitoring alcohol consumption there are a few other rules the islanders need to obey to stay on the show.

Up until 2019, we often saw the contestants having heart to hearts over a cigarette in the smoking area. However, due to multiple complaints this was scrapped.

If the islanders wish to smoke they must go to a designated smoking area off camera, they also must go alone to prevent any social smoking and to make sure every ounce of conversation is caught on camera. 

Although swearing is allowed, using language which is too inappropriate or offensive is a complete no-go. It’s speculated that this is why Sherif was kicked out of the villa in 2019.

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