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Fans can't believe that Alice Morgan doesn't feature at all in Luther movie

Fans can't believe that Alice Morgan doesn't feature at all in Luther movie

Luther fans had been hoping that actress Ruth Wilson would reprise her role as the villainous Alice Morgan

She was the perfect cold-hearted antagonist to Idris Elba’s suave detective, but sadly Alice Morgan doesn’t feature at all in the Luther film.

This is despite the villain playing a devious game of cat-and-mouse in the gritty crime drama and having appeared in all the five seasons, which originally aired on the BBC.

Fans of the franchise are understandably devastated and have taken to social media to share their frustration after her non-appearance in Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Many had hoped that the character would return after she met an ambiguous fate at the end of series five, as she faced off against London’s finest.

After killing Luther’s partner, DS Halliday, the pair come to their final stand-off before Alice falls from the scaffolding and plummets to the ground, seemingly to her death.

But the fans of the psychopathic scientist will be aware that she’s faked her death once before with the series’ ambiguous ending meaning that she could return.

Sadly thought, they’ll find no more clues to Alice’s fate in the latest outing for zero-BS cop.

Alice met an ambiguous fate at the end of series five.
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It’s left many viewers bitterly disappointed, with one writing on Twitter:Luther is so good, but I that bit without Alice was dry, and now Alice isnt in the new movie. So, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I love Idris Elba, but Alice made that show for me."

Others agreed, as much of the movie’s hype had been about the continuation of the series five plot as another fan pointed out on social media.

They wrote: “Just watched the Luther film, I have many thoughts but to any Alice Morgan lovers like me I’m still holding onto hope that she’s alive after watching that.”

Some fans had accepted the character’s fate but were left frustrated by the beloved baddie seemingly been forgotten.

“I anticipated Alice Morgan not coming back in the Luther movie but what do you mean she’s not even MENTIONED…. does she mean nothing now”: one fan added.

Even actress Ruth Wilson hasn’t confirmed whether her character has been killed off, toying with fans in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Actor Ruth Wilson refused to confirm whether her character has died.
Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

"Well, I wouldn't like to say," she teased, adding: "I don't know how someone could survive that fall, so that's my thought. But then you don't see the body. So I don't know."

However, she admitted that killing DS Halliday was the worst thing her character had ever done – despite her murdering her mum and dad in series one.

She said: "So I think for their relationship, it definitely would be a point of no return. And she knew that she had to do that to regain control of the situation. She realised that she was losing him."

We guess all is fair in love and war for Alice.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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