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Margot Robbie responded to people's 'weird' obsession with her feet

Margot Robbie responded to people's 'weird' obsession with her feet

The star has opened up about people's odd fascination with her feet following the release of the official Barbie trailer

While she's one of Hollywood's most famous actors at the moment with a jam-packed filmography of box-office smashes attached to her name - it seems that there's one part of Margot Robbie that people seem to not be able to look past.

Since she sky-rocketed to fame, fans of the A-lister have been sent into a complete frenzy over her feet.

Clearly aware of the bizarre fascination, Robbie has responded to people's 'weird' obsession with her tootsies but has another opinion on the ordeal that you wouldn't expect.

Whether it's in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wall Street or her upcoming flick, Barbie, it's certain that fans go wild whenever they catch a glimpse of Robbie's feet.

And they've not been shy in admitting to their raging foot fetish when it comes to the star.

Many have since vowed that, regardless of the film, they would still cop a ticket to the cinema just to see the Aussie actor's trotters projected up high on the big screen.

Margot Robbie's feet are a thing of fascination to many.
Warner Bros.

Speaking up on the mass-hysteria attached to to her feet, Robbie revealed she was actually 'flattered' by the internet's hyper-fixation on them.

Appearing on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! last year to discuss Suicide Squad, the actor told guest host Anthony Anderson an unusual little anecdote about the unique skills she's acquired using her little piggies.

"I'm very dexterous with my toes," she revealed, "I could pick a lock, no problem."

Robbie went on to say that she could even 'braid someone's hair with [her] toes' which - no doubt - sent her barrage of foot fetishists or 'podophiles' into a spiral.

"I'm very dexterous with my toes, I could pick a lock, no problem."
Jimmy Kimmel Live! / ABC

Recalling an experience on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, directed by loud and proud podophile Quentin Tarantino, Robbie continued: "I remember we were gonna have to use someone else cause I had to get to another set, but our editor actually edited Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and he was like, 'Those aren't Margot Robbie's feet.

"I have seen Margot Robbie's feet'."

James Gunn, the writer and director of Suicide Squad, chimed in: "Believe me, I'm on Twitter, I know people wanna see your feet."

"I don't know where these people come from," Gunn continued, before mimicking the eager fans who ask: "Do we get to see Margot's feet?"

Robbie's feet seem to be the star in all her films.
Sony Pictures

Totally baffled by the Harley Quinn feet obsession, Gunn said: "That's what you're thinking about? We've got huge bombs, we've got buildings falling over, we've got Idris Elba, John Cena, Margot Robbie, all these great people, but [her feet] are the stars."

They sure are.

While many may find the fascination bizarre, Robbie said that the whole thing doesn't faze her too much and, instead, actually functions as a compliment.

"It's weird," she revealed, "but I'm flattered by that."

Who would have thought it.

Featured Image Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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