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Margot Robbie addresses how 'real breasts and pubic hair' are filmed during sex scenes

Margot Robbie addresses how 'real breasts and pubic hair' are filmed during sex scenes

The actor opened up after her nude scene in Wolf of Wall Street

Margot Robbie has offered up some behind-the-scenes insights after being asked about how filmmakers capture 'real breasts and pubic hair' in sex scenes.

If you've seen The Wolf of Wall Street, then you'll know Robbie is no stranger to the raunchier side of Hollywood.

The actor has taken on nudity and sex scenes in her films, and she's back with more explicit content in her latest project Babylon.

The drama, set in the 1920s, is another film packed full of nudity, prompting radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa to broach the topic when Robbie and her co-star Diego Calva appeared on their show to promote the movie.

Calva admitted that after a few days the stars kind of 'got used' to being surrounded by naked people 'everywhere you looked', with Robbie agreeing that the cast got 'desensitised so fast'.

Keen to learn more about the process, the hosts asked about the issues with nudity while filming a period drama, as was the case with Babylon.

"When you've got a period piece, I've heard that a lot of the time it's actually quite hard to find women with real breasts and pubic hair," Wippa said.

Robbie's new movie is also packed full of nudity.
Paramount Pictures

Addressing this issue, Robbie offered up some insider knowledge as she pointed out the industry can rely on 'merkins'.

In case you've not previously heard of these creations, I'll let Robbie explain: "[It] is like a wig but for genitalia."

Think of Will from The Inbetweeners in that disastrous scene where he stuffs an actual head-sized wig down his pants, but more tasteful.

Robbie became familiar with the use of merkins after her work on Wolf of Wall Street, where she came face-to-face with an 'entire merkin room'.

Margot Robbie opened up about The Wolf of Wall Street's 'merkin room'.
Fitzy and Wippa

She recalled: "There was a whole room full of merkins. I guess people would go in and pick out... I'm not gonna go into detail, but it was fascinating and a little known fact about the filmmaking industry."

Robbie has previously admitted she was 'very, very nervous' to film her nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

She told a BAFTA: A Life In Pictures recording: “I’m not going to lie, I had a couple of shots of tequila before that scene because I was nervous."

She recalled thinking she would be able to slip under the radar in the movie because 'everyone is going to be focused on Leo [DiCaprio]', but looking back on how big the film became, she admitted that belief 'sounds silly now'.

Her sex scene might have made her nervous, but at least it gave her all the info she needed for her Fitzy and Wippa interview.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Crossick / Alamy Paramount Pictures

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