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Graham Norton explains what went wrong during shocking Mark Wahlberg interview

Graham Norton explains what went wrong during shocking Mark Wahlberg interview

"He did get very drunk"

Graham Norton has opened up about what went wrong during his shocking yet hilarious interview with Mark Wahlberg. You can watch a clip below:

While Wahlberg is far from The Graham Norton Show host's worst guest, it seems the Ted actor went a little bit too hard on the backstage hospitality during his 2013 appearance.

What resulted was a hilarious episode which started off chaotic and went downhill from there.

Wahlberg was initially seen sipping on a glass of red, but despite switching to water, he only seems to get drunker as the night goes on.

This is clearly evident in the Big Red Chair segment, when a poor nurse was flipped twice by the movie star while telling her cringe anecdote - once for wearing makeup to the gym and another for wearing a tight top.

He showed her absolutely zero mercy.

Mark Wahlberg showed no mercy to the nurse in the Big Red Chair.

The entire interview was memorable to say the least, especially for Graham who had to navigate the situation without causing any dramas.

Amid the release of the BBC One chat show's latest season, the host took to This Morning where he was asked about the infamous episode by Holly and Phil.

Speaking about the guests, Phil quips, "Some people are drunk when they arrive," before adding, "Mark Wahlberg."

Graham smiles as he replies, "He's been on a few times since, but the famous time - he came on [and] he was fine."

Holly interjects, "What happened then, what did you do to him?" to which Graham says, "Well I don't know what happened.

Graham Norton opened up about the hilarious interview on This Morning.

"I think it's that sort of thing when you finish drinking, that isn't the drunkest you're going to be.

"Sometimes when you get home, 'Ooh, I'm drunker than when I left the pub.' So I think maybe there was a bit of a time lapse and yeah, he did get very drunk."

Wahlberg also did what every drunk uncle in the world does after a few bevvies by constantly interrupting the other guests' anecdotes - including Michael Fassbender and Sarah Silverman.

But this all changed later on in the show.

"We couldn't get any stories going, and then Michael Fassbender was on and he was getting this story away," said Graham.

The movie star had clearly had a few too many.

"And I was like, 'Wow, this must be a good story,' because Mark Wahlberg's letting him tell it.

"And then I looked at Mark Wahlberg and he was asleep... we didn't wake him, we were delighted."

Well, he might be able to get ripped at the drop of a hat, but it turns out Mr Wahlberg is a lightweight when it comes to the booze.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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