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Woman Shares Cringey Story Of One Night Stand On 'Graham Norton'

Woman Shares Cringey Story Of One Night Stand On 'Graham Norton'

She got a very rude awakening when she arrived back at the guys place

Some of us have some hilarious sex stories. Whether it's because you or your partner did something embarrassing, someone walked in during the act, the morning after was awkward - the list is virtually endless.

Well, have a listen to this woman's story and it might put you off deciding to have a one-night stand again.

Anna appeared on Graham Norton's Big Red Chair and explained that she decided to go home with a guy after a night out in Dublin. So far so good...

Guests David Beckham, Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, Joan Armatrading and Vanessa Kirby looked on as Anna told them off her ufortunate encounter.


The Big Red Chair usually gets absolutely outrageous stories (and some goddamn bland ones as well). Few reach the level set by John, from Northern Ireland, who told his tale to Graham and guests Hugh Grant, Sarah Millican, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Momoa.

John revealed that he had an excruciating pain coming from his arsehole, which was of course a cause for concern.

"I did go to the doctors, got seen straight away and he says 'right can you remove your trousers and underwear, lie down and think happy thoughts'," John explained.

"He rummaged about and then he asked me a question: 'do you like asparagus?', then pulled out an asparagus tip from my anus.

"Bizarrely, I had not eaten asparagus for months."

After a sweeping camera shot of Grant, Millican, Clarkson and Momoa, all of which were mortified, the host flipped the lever, thus sending John off the chair.

As funny as the chair flip can be, I can't help but be curious as to how our protagonist managed to get asparagus wedged up his crack without realising.

Featured Image Credit: The Graham Norton Show/BBC

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