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Martin Clunes rules out Men Behaving Badly ever returning because humour wouldn't be accepted 'these days'

Martin Clunes rules out Men Behaving Badly ever returning because humour wouldn't be accepted 'these days'

Men Behaving Badly is never coming back on TV and Martin Clunes thinks the humour wouldn't be accepted any more.

Martin Clunes has suggested the humour in Men Behaving Badly wouldn't be accepted these days as he said the comedy show would never be making a comeback.

The sitcom about Clunes' Gary and Neil Morrissey's Tony as lads sharing a flat together aired during the 90s, but the actor thinks it wouldn't fly these days.

The actor reckons the jokes in Men Behaving Badly wouldn't get on air these days, but he also suggested long running show Doc Martin would also fail to make the grade in modern times.

His suggestion follows co-star Morrissey's recent comments that he'd love to make new episodes of the show, but couldn't unless they made the characters 'completely woke'.

Morrissey said they'd have to make his character Tony 'so PC it's unbelievable' and argued that the point of the show was the lads were 'misogynist idiots who couldn’t keep a job, let alone a girlfriend'.

Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey starred in 90s sitcom Men Behaving Badly, and both think it couldn't get made these days.
Graham Hunt / Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking to Saga Magazine, Clunes was adamant that Men Behaving Badly was one of those shows you'd just not see get made these days, so it's probably good for his career they made it when they did.

He said: "God, no. Not these days. I mean, we talked about things like Kylie Minogue's buttocks and compared them to a racehorse's.

"How could we do that now? But neither could you get a show like Doc Martin commissioned now.

"Someone would say, 'Where's the murdered prostitute in the opening scene?'"

The 60-year-old is set to wrap on the final episodes of Doc Martin soon, with a 10th and final season ready to close the book on the long-running show which has been on screens since 2004.

The new episodes and a Christmas special are due later this year to conclude the show and bring an end to Clunes' time as the character.

Clunes said that both Men Behaving Badly and Doc Martin probably wouldn't get made today.
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Whether he's right or not about Men Behaving Badly working out or not these days, one place the show didn't go down well was the US, with an American remake cancelled after two seasons and some episodes left unaired.

As for Clunes, in recent years he has earned major plaudits from audiences for his role as DCI Sutton on ITV crime drama Manhunt.

Fans of the show have said they think it's the best thing they've seen him in, high praise considering his long career in acting.

The second series of the show is based on the true crime story of Delroy Grant, dubbed the 'Night Stalker', and the police's efforts to track down the serial killer.

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