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Meme icon Bad Luck Brian got to meet fellow legendary meme Doge

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

Meme icon Bad Luck Brian got to meet fellow legendary meme Doge

Unless you're someone who has never been on the internet before, you'll immediately recognise these pictures of two powerhouses of social media coming together in the one place for a photo.

But if you are a non-internet-using troglodyte, well done for finding this online news story.

Anyway, we digress.

How such talent, power, and fame can be contained in one room is beyond us, but that's neither here nor there, really.


The quantum mechanics of it all don't reallly matter because Bad Luck Brian and Doge have found themselves together at last... and even posed for a photo for the rest of us internet users to sploosh over.

Kyle Craven, the real man behind the Bad Luck Brian meme, came face to face with Kabosu, the Shiba Inu dog, on a recent trip to Japan.

If you're not familiar with the name 'Kabosu', then you likely know her simply as 'Doge'.


Craven, or Bad Luck Brian, met the very good girl behind the Doge meme in Japan in May and memelords of the internet have since lost their collective minds.

Craven shared a happy snap with Kabosu to social media, and the glee from social media users came in thick and fast.

One user on Instagram said: "Two meme legends."


A second social media user added: "The two legends that got me through my twenties."

While a third quipped: "Best photo ever."

It really is the best photo ever.

So to all of you amateur, budding, or expert photographers out there: put the camera down. We've officially clocked photography.


The Doge meme hit mega-levels of internet frame in 2013 and became Know Your Meme's 'top meme' of that year.

The Shiba Inu had a notable impact on popular culture from 2013 and beyond, and even became a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin.

Oh, and the image from the original meme sold for a whopping USD$4 million (AUD$6.1 million, £3.2 million).

Honestly, who has that much money just lying around to buy this sort of thing?


Anyway, the dog behind Doge is an elderly canine, with Kabosu now coming in at 17 years of age.

She lives a happy life in Japan with lots of belly rubs and yummy treats from the woman that rescued her from certain death back in 2008, when the Shiba Inu breeder who brought Doge into the world went out of business.

Bad Luck Brian, however, has lived the high life since his school snapshot was taken as a bit of a joke for the school yearbook.

The image resurfaced years later as a meme and spawned a series of s**tposts that would eventually change Craven's life.

It was sheer dumb luck that he became a meme, and extra luck that has seen Craven go from Bad Luck Brian to a relatively normal adult with a wife and kids in the USA.

Oh, and his image as turned into an NFT and sold for USD$37,000 (AUD$56,800, £29,700).

Sounds like life imitating art right there.

But, regardless of what you may think of the 2010 era's dumb memes, there is no doubt that these two faces have gone down in history as perhaps the biggest in internet stardom we may ever see.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/TheDogeAcademy. Instagram/solidbadluck

Topics: Social Media, Weird, News

Rachel Lang
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