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Michael Bublé Says His Wife Orders Him To Give Her A Bum Rub Every Night

Michael Bublé Says His Wife Orders Him To Give Her A Bum Rub Every Night

The 46-year-old Canadian singer and his wife an interesting evening routine

The 46-year-old Canadian singer has recently revealed an interesting part of his night routine - one that revolves around a demanded daily bum massage.

Michael Bublé, best known for his jazzy music and Christmas hits, married 34-year-old model Luisana Lopilato over a decade ago back in 2011.

Since then, the pair have seemingly developed some peculiar bedtime habits.

The Haven't Met You Yet singer has disclosed that his wife, an Argentine model, orders him to 'massage her bum' just before bed every single night.

Bublé recently spoke out to re-enact the bedroom scene between himself and Lopilato, making an emphasis on how routine the bottom massage has become.

He told the Sun: “It’s always the same. My wife turns her butt towards me and says, ‘Mike, rub my bum.’"

Bublé revealed more about the situation, explaining that his wife asks for the massage for cosmetic reasons more so than anything else.

“She says it gets rid of the cellulite. I’m like, ‘You don’t have any cellulite’."

Dubbing the massage as the final thing he does to end his day, the Feeling Good singer, who has since sold an impressive 75 million records, also revealed some more about the power dynamics within the relationship.

“I love my wife so much, but I’m also scared of her."

More than just massages, Bublé also noted that his wife was controlling with the TV too.

“I love my wife so much, but I’m also scared of her," the 46-year-old disclosed.

He continued: "I’m only allowed to watch NFL Fantasy Football until 4pm.

“So terrified that I actually watched a Jennifer Lopez movie called Marry Me with her last Sunday and I wanted to punch myself in my face," the singer recounted.

Hundreds have since raced to weigh in on the Bublés' peculiar night-time routine.

Totally torn, some people took the comment light-heartedly and found the gesture fairly sweet.

One Facebook user wrote: "Love rubbing my wife's bum, it's also her fav. Not like there's a gun to my head, it's relaxing for both of us."

"Good on her! Why not?" commented a second.

One Facebook user chimed in with: "This isn't funny!! To say he is scared of his wife and makes a joke out of it is disgusting!" along with dozens of other who thought the whole situation was a tad too TMI.

"Who in their right mind reveals personal things about their marriage?" one user pondered.

Another added: "Really? The world needs to know that?"

Featured Image Credit: Credit: luisanalopilato/Instagram

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