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Man Says He Could Fight Mike Tyson Before Boxer Sneaks Up Behind Him

Jake Massey

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Man Says He Could Fight Mike Tyson Before Boxer Sneaks Up Behind Him

An Aussie bloke was given one hell of a fright when he was tricked into calling out Mike Tyson - right as the man himself appeared behind him.

Iron Mike earned a fearsome reputation during his time as a heavyweight boxer, and now at the age of 56, you still wouldn't want to get anywhere near the wrong side of him.

As such, the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live had the glorious idea of luring members of the public into bad-mouthing the big man as her lurked in the shadows, ready to pounce.

"We thought it would be fun to ask people walking by our theatre what they think about him without knowing that while they talk, Mike Tyson is right behind them," the chat show said - and it was fun.

He's behind you. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live
He's behind you. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

At one point in the segment, the interviewer asks a bald bloke - who has a passing resemblance to the boxer Butterbean - whether he would step in the ring with Mike Tyson.

"Yeah, I'd give it a go," he replied nonchalantly, as if this wouldn't be a death wish.

Meanwhile, Tyson swaggered his way up beside him as the interviewer declared: "OK here we go, let's do this - Mike Tyson vs. Butterbean."


Tyson then offered out his hand and asked, 'How you doin' brother?', and understandably, the fella could only respond with an expletive.

The pair then dabbled in a bit of shadow boxing - with the geezer presumably extremely grateful for the shadow aspect of their little spar sesh.

It could've been worse for Butterbean though; he could have said that Tyson's face tattoo was 'f***ing ugly'.

That's what happened to another guy on the segment, who was well and truly stitched up.


When asked by the interviewer: "What do you think about Mike Tyson's face tattoo?", he responded: "I think it's f*****g ugly. I mean, I think his face looks better without it."

The camera then cut to Tyson, who was waiting in a nearby room and could be heard uttering an expletive.

The guy continued: "It looks like someone slapped him in the face badly."


He was then asked if he would ever get a tribal face tattoo like Tyson - as Tyson crept up behind him. 

"No man," the lad said, before Tyson, now standing next to him, quipped: "I wish somebody would slap me in my face."

Mildly terrified, you could almost actually see his heart sink.

So remember people - next time you want to slag off Mike Tyson, check over your shoulder first.

Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Topics: Celebrity, Mike Tyson, Boxing

Jake Massey
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