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Where all the Misfits cast are now nearly 15 years later

Where all the Misfits cast are now nearly 15 years later

If you want to feel old the first episode of Misfits released in 2009

If you want to feel old then remember that the first episode of Channel 4 show Misfits came out all the way back in 2009.

Whether it was a simpler time or not back then the show managed to come out before the big superhero boom which came to dominate modern entertainment.

These days there's multiple MCU movies landing in cinemas each year and plenty of superhero themed TV shows to go along with them.

To go along with that there's been shows like The Boys which have a less family friendly take on the whole superhero thing, but before all of that there was Misfits.

The Channel 4 show took a bunch of people stuck doing community support work and gave them superpowers based off their personalities, then pretty much let them get into all sorts of weird situations.

As for the cast, you might be wondering what they're all up to well over a decade before Misfits made a debut on our screens, well wonder no further.

Robert Sheehan - Nathan

Of all the original cast of Misfits it took Nathan the longest to work out his power, and he learned it in the worst possible way.

Killed off at the end of the first series, it turned out that someone who lives his life like he's pretty much invincible pretty much is, discovering that he was immortal while trapped in the coffin he was buried in.

He ultimately sold off the power of immortality for actual magical powers and departed the show at the end of the second season.

Since leaving the show Robert Sheehan has been very much in demand, starring in the likes of The Umbrella Academy, Fortitude and a host of other shows and movies including The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Robert Sheehan has been starring in The Umbrella Academy since leaving Misfits.

Iwan Rheon - Simon

The quiet kid who tried to burn someone's house down and was often the subject of taunting from Nathan (who usually referred to him as 'Barry'), Simon's power was being able to turn invisible.

He put it to good use throughout the show, often being the one sensible enough to bail the gang out of their problems and cover up their murder (more like self-defence) of their first probation worker.

Simon was later revealed to be 'Superhoodie', the mysterious masked figure who showed up to save the team in their most dire times before sacrificing himself.

You must surely be familiar with his post-Misfits work as Rheon appeared in Game of Thrones as the sadistic Ramsay Bolton.

He's also been in Vicious, Marvel's Inhumans TV series and Riviera.

Iwan Rheon is probably best known for his villainous turn in Game of Thrones.

Lauren Socha - Kelly

In the storm that gave the misfits (and plenty of other people) powers the self-conscious Kelly gained the ability to read people's minds, which usually resulted in her knowing people were insulting her.

Kelly stayed in the show for the first three series before deciding to leave with power dealer Seth (Matthew McNulty) to disarm landmines in Uganda once she traded in telepathy for being a genius rocket scientist.

Winning a BAFTA for her performance as the telepathic Kelly, Lauren Socha has most recently had a starring role in TV series The Other One.

Lauren Socha won a BAFTA for her role in Misfits.
Gavin Rodgers / Alamy Stock Photo

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett - Curtis

The one to most regret being stuck on community service, Curtis gained the power to turn back time if he felt badly enough about something.

He once tried this to get out of the whole fiasco in the first place, but realised that his absence would have resulted in the entire group (besides the immortal Nathan) being murdered by their first probation worker.

Curtis later traded that in for the ability to swap his biological sex, and then swapped that out for an ability to resurrect the dead, which went horribly wrong as it turned people into zombies, requiring Curtis to shoot himself to put an end to it.

Stewart-Jarrett has been busy since leaving Misfits, appearing in the likes of Doctor Who, Dracula, Generation and The Trial of Christine Keeler.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett has found plenty of work since Misfits, including a part in Utopia.
Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

Antonia Thomas - Alisha

Alisha had the power to make anyone she touched want to have sex with her, which quickly turned out to be more of a curse than anything else.

While she first had a relationship with Curtis she ultimately ended up with Simon, though saw him take a bullet for her and was later killed off herself at the end of the third series, leading him to go back in time for her and set up a time loop.

These days she's working on the Apple TV series Still Up and is also set to star alongside Sam Claflin in The Bagman, and has also starred in The Good Doctor.

Antonia Thomas has plenty of reasons to celebrate with shows like The Good Doctor under her belt.
Cinematic Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

Joseph Gilgun - Rudy

Alright, Rudy wasn't one of the original five but he ended up having plenty of screen time as the man with the superpowered split personality.

He ended up filling Nathan's shoes as the loudmouthed leader of the group after Robert Sheehan's departure and manages to survive until the end of the show.

You'll have seen Gilgun in all sorts since Misfits ended, including Brassic, Preacher and This Is England '90.

Joseph Gilgun has been in all sorts since Misfits, including Preacher.
Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/HBO

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