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Conspiracy Theorist Claims To Have Filmed Tupac Shakur Alive And Well

Conspiracy Theorist Claims To Have Filmed Tupac Shakur Alive And Well

If it's not Pac, he sure looks like him...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Despite any objective evidence to the contrary, conspiracy theorists are still claiming that Tupac Shakur, the rapper who died in 1996, is still alive and well. Have a look and see what you reckon.

This time, someone has captured footage of the 'California Love' musician smiling, talking on his phone, smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of pop.

That's a pretty impressive piece of multitasking for someone who has been dead for more than 23 years.

Tupac was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Nevada on 13 September 1996, but to this day many people claim to have seen him wandering around, just minding his own business.

You've got to admit, even if it isn't Shakur, the man in this video looks a lot like him.

Well, from what we can glean from this footage, he does.

The footage was taken by an anonymous cameraman who tried to hide behind a bush while filming the Tupac-a-like.

OK, so he filmed it on a potato.

The man in question has a bald head, and sports the exact same facial hair as Tupac.

He's puffing away on a fag, drinking a can, and going about his business in a way that seems unusual for a man that was shot four times in a car after the Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon boxing match in Las Vegas.

Anyway, the intrepid gonzo cameraman then uploaded the clip to YouTube and titled it 'Finally Footage of Tupac alive in 2019, age 48'.

Since then, fans and sceptics alike have been expressing their confusion in the comments.

One person wrote: "Pac has risen. Hallelujah."

Another said: "Probably the best lookalike out there same head shape teeth even scar on top right from holes in the quad studio."

A third - admittedly less convinced - observer said: "Stop it bro, you're hilarious."

There is, of course, another explanation for all of this.

Perhaps, instead of being alive and well, having faked his own death, perhaps he's just a time-traveller, visiting from years gone by to warn us about the dangers of - I don't know - canned drinks and fags?

He wouldn't be the first.

In fact, just the other day a group of eagle-eyed conspiracists spotted Greta Thunberg - or someone who looked a lot like her - in a photograph from around 1898.

Again, it's uncanny.
University of Washington

Again, it really does look a lot like the 16-year-old climate activist.

However, the more likely explanation is that Tupac, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are all actually dead, and the picture of Greta from 19th century Canada is just an amazing coincidence.

That's a boring thought, isn't it?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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