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Gucci Mane Says Eminem Is 'No Longer King Of Rap'

Gucci Mane Says Eminem Is 'No Longer King Of Rap'

I'll give you three guesses who he thinks is the current king...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Brace yourself, folks. There's another rap beef headed ominously in our direction, and - you've guessed it - that man Marshall Mathers III is right at the heart of it again.

That's Eminem if you're not immediately aware of his real name. Also, why are you reading this if you don't know?

Instead of beefing with Machine Gun Kelly - a spat that became tedious as soon as you heard about it, then got worse from there - this time it's with Gucci Mane.

Strangely enough, Eminem hasn't actually done anything, this time. Gucci Mane just thinks that there is no way that he can be considered amongst hip hop's greatest of all time.

That's a spicy take, given that Slim Shady has sold more than 100 million records, worked with the biggest names in the game, and been around for two decades now.

Gucci Mane is hardly a household name himself.

So, what could possibly have created this opinion? It's Eminem's name, of course.

Mane was appearing as a guest on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show - sort of a hip hop version of Good Morning Britain - when the host, comedian Rickey Smiley, suggested that Em might just be the greatest living rapper.

This could have been bait, it's not the first time that Gucci has had a sly dig at Eminem. Of course, he bit.


He said: "You got to come with a better name."

Mane - who is actually called Radric Delantic Davis, which is an incredible name - then went on to say that he never plays Eminem's records in the car for exactly that reason. When pressed by the interviewer, he argued: "I ain't playing Eminem in my car! You play him in yours? You sliding around playing Eminem in your car with your old lady?!"

He seemed genuinely incredulous about it, too. The guy believes what he says.

Regardless of whether he is getting a spin in Gucci's whip, the people seem to be quite keen on Slim's records. Lord knows, there are enough of them out there.

In Gucci's defence, he is a pretty successful rapper in his own right, and therefore is entitled to his opinion. He has released 13 albums and sold millions of copies. That's more than you can say for MGK, right there.

Eminem in concert.

In typical rapper fashion, he offered his opinion on who he actually thinks is the greatest living rapper.

The answer won't come as much of a surprise.

"I know the king of rap, me!" he offered.

Let's see if Em comes back with anything on this one.

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