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People can see iconic musician in train station photo due to bizarre optical illusion

People can see iconic musician in train station photo due to bizarre optical illusion

Can you see what everyone else is seeing?

Everyone loves a good old optical illusion.

Do we all remember the global online phenomenon that was legendary purple/gold dress debate of 2005? That illusion had families divided!

Well, for fans of visual puzzles and brain teasers, there's an image currently doing the rounds on X that has some users questioning whether or not they can see a particularly famous musical face hidden in it.

Take a look for yourself.

"Look at this… it’s Lime street station, now look again and squint your eyes", the original X user posted of the famous Liverpool landmark.

Can you see John Lennon in this optical illusion?

And the optical illusion appears to have sent the internet wild, with hundreds of social media users claiming they're able to see the late great Beatles frontman John Lennon, hidden within the train station.

"Flip me, that's clever!" one fan gushed.

"Imagine That." teased another, whilst a third quipped, "Lennon and Lime".

"I have a photo of John Lennon on my wall, and if I squint, it looks like Lime Street Station. Weird," joked a fourth user, whilst another went on to give their approval: "That's cool, I like this".

The latest Lennon illusion comes just hours after it was announced that the world-renowned 1960s hit-makers had once again done what they do best.

John Lennon was murdered in 1980.
Facebook/John Lennon

The formerly four-man band have topped the music charts with their new single 'Now and Then', despite not having made music together since 1974, six years before John was tragically murdered in New York City.

If you've been living under a rock in recent weeks, you may ask yourself, 'How have a band with only two remaining living members not only managed to produce a brand new single, but sky-rocket to the top of the charts with it?'.

Well, The Beatles have managed to become the act with the longest gap between their first and last number ones all because of AI.

The song was first written by singer-songwriter John back in 1977, but he was unable to complete track before his untimely death.

The Beatles track is based on a Lennon-penned demo given to Paul McCartney.
Bettmann / Contributor

The apologetic love song, which appears to have been directed by a former friend/lover, sees John declaring: "Now and then, I miss you / Now and then, I want you to return to me."

Believing the song should be brought to fans today, fellow frontman Paul McCartney, 81, record producer Giles Martin and composer Ben Foster created the string arrangement heard on the release.

And thanks to artificial intelligence, the group were able to make the verses clear on John's vocals, with the software having been used to heighten the singing on the Liverpudlian’s original demo.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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