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People confused after realising what JLS stands for

People confused after realising what JLS stands for

Band member Marvin Humes is currently a campmate on I'm A Celeb

It’s 2008, Twilight’s on at the cinemas, Britney Spears made a comeback and Marvin Humes is dancing on ITV on the weekends.

And fast forward to 2023, when Hunger Games is on at the cinemas, Britney’s sister is on British telly and Marvin is still dancing on ITV.

Yeah, I feel weird too.

The JLS star is on our screens every night at the moment as he takes to the jungle for this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Obviously the dad-of-three is best known from the band which came second on the 2008 series of The X Factor – to none other than Alexandra Burke, of course.

He was even still touring with the ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ group only the other week, and now he’s teaching the choreography to fellow campmate, reality TV veteran, Sam Thompson.

But as he belts out some of the band’s bops for the camp, it has left people wondering what on earth JLS actually stands for.

Now, as any of us who had one of the coloured band hoodies back in the day will probably know, this wasn’t actually the groups original name.

Marvin Humes.

JLS are one of the rare groups from the ITV music show that were actually formed before entering (no shade to One Direction and Little Mix though).

And before then, they were actually named UFO which stood for - and wait for this one as it’s pretty, well, interesting – Unique Famous Outrageous.

But the lads changed to JLS and have been known as that ever since The X Factor.

Users took to X to rant: “What does JLS stand for?”

When they did find out, they weren’t all exactly impressed.

Turns out JLS supposedly stands for ‘Jack the Lad Swing’.

And one user simply wrote in response to this revelation: “I hate them.”

Another just put: “f*ck off does jls stand for jack the lad swing.”

JLS were very recently touring the UK and Ireland.
Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Others were surprised as they tweeted: “My whole world collapsed when I found out that JLS didn’t in fact stand for 'just love songs' like I thought it did in 2010 xo.”

And many were completely confused as they said: “I just found out that that JLS stand for ‘Jack the Lad Swing’ I'm sorry but tf does that even mean?”

If you're just as confused 'Jack the Lad' is basically British slang for a cocky, cheeky lad - someone who's a bit confident with little worries.

And then it's said 'swing' was added because they liked swing music. But the big fans have all kind of theories about the band working with someone called Jack, so I guess we'll have to see if it gets brought up during Marvin's time in the jungle.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

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