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Naked Attraction Viewers Baffled At Woman Who Gets Paid To Orgasm For A Living

Naked Attraction Viewers Baffled At Woman Who Gets Paid To Orgasm For A Living

Some viewers were keen to know how she managed to land herself the job

Naked Attraction viewers were left full of questions after discovering what one recent contestant did for a living. You can see her talk about her unusual job here: 

Hayley appeared on the Channel 4 dating show, hoping to find the man of her dreams.

But viewers at home were left distracted after discovering what her job was.

Appearing on the show, the 27-year-old seemed fairly confident stripping off, which may be partly down to the fact that she works as a sex toy expert. 

Or as Hayley puts it: “I get paid to orgasm - who else can say they get paid to orgasm and be this happy every day?”

Speaking to host Anna Richardson, she said: “I’m used to nudity because I’m a sex toy specialist.”

To which Anna replied: “What a dream job!”

Hayley added: “I’m never unhappy. Every day I’ve got a smile on my face and that’s probably because I get paid to have orgasms.”

As you can imagine, her unusual career choice sparked intrigue with viewers, with some desperate to find out how to get into the job themselves. 

Posting on Twitter, one person said: "Where can I apply to be a sex toy expert? Asking for a friend."

Another wrote: "I'm sorry, but for whatever reason, I can't stop watching Naked Attraction. And have just discovered that there is such a thing as a sex toy tester! Goodness, gracious me. I work in IT. I wish my job was that interesting.”

A third joked: “A sex toy tester, yup I'm one of those.”

While a fourth person commented: “Bet she's absolutely buzzing in her job.”

As part of her line of questioning to whittle down the naked fellas, Hayley asked them what their favourite sex toy was. 

In the end, Hayley opted for Luke and the pair appeared to hit it off almost immediately. 

Channel 4

Explaining her decision, she said: “I like the cheeky smile. He was sweet and the whole package.”

The two went on a date, but Hayley had to cut it short due to the fact she has Cerebral Palsy and was left feeling too tired to carry on. 

She said: “With my disability and stuff, my body gets really tired. I would have gone out and had a mental laugh with him. I wish that my body didn’t tell me no.”

However, at the reunion they told host Anna that they text each other daily and are hoping to plan a second date soon.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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