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Naked Education star who spent £20,000 to look like Boy George says show 'clearly isn’t perverse’

Naked Education star who spent £20,000 to look like Boy George says show 'clearly isn’t perverse’

Channel 4 show Naked Education has been defended from a backlash

One of the stars of Channel 4 show Naked Education has spoken out in its defence following a backlash against the program.

Naked Education comes from the makers of Naked Attraction and has promised to go 'one step further' than the dating show where contestants are revealed in nothing but their birthday suit.

The show says it is aiming to promote body positivity and show that many different body types are normal while having difficult conversations about what we actually look like.

While the Channel 4 show wants to educate people about the human body it is full frontal nudity on pre-watershed mainstream TV and that has raised some eyebrows among the viewing public, as have certain segments of Naked Education.

One part of the show in particular which came in for criticism was where four people stood fully naked in a room with teenagers while the show's presenters chatted to the kids about the human body.

The 36-year-old defended Naked Education against a recent backlash.
Channel 4

It's meant to be educational but some viewers thought it was a step too far, questioning who decided to put 'adults stripping naked in front of underaged kids' on TV.

Others were more supportive of what Naked Education was trying to do, saying it was a 'very empowering and positive show about tackling insecurities'.

Now one of the people who has bared all on the show has spoken out defending it against the backlash from some of the people watching.

Liam Halewood was on Naked Education after spending around £20,000 on various procedures to look more like Boy George.

He appears in the fifth episode as part of a segment which tells viewers to learn to love their own bodies.

Liam stripped down to his boxers on Naked Education and believes in the show's goals.
Channel 4

The 36-year-old told Lancashire Live that the message of the show was important and that younger generations will 'never ever know what a normal body is' if they don't see anything outside of 'what's perfect on social media'.

He said: "I'm going to stick up for that and say it's nothing that's not accessible online.

"It's nothing that's not accessible for the youth of today in sex education in schools. They get to the genital area, in sex education, so I really just want to put it out there that you know, the programme was meant for educational purposes."

"Ten percent of people are just not agreeing with it, and that's fine. They're entitled to their opinion. But you know, don't go around saying perverse because they clearly isn't."

Naked Education continues at 8pm on Tuesday nights on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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