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Viewers divided after watching adults strip down in front of children in new show Naked Education

Viewers divided after watching adults strip down in front of children in new show Naked Education

The show aims to normalise body types and champion our differences

'Awesome' and 'empowering' or 'f**ked up'? Channel 4's new show Naked Education left viewers divided after featuring adults bearing all in front of children.

Ever turned on the TV and been met with a penis?

If you have, it's probably for one of two reasons: either whoever you live with forgot to change the channel after some alone time, or you've accidentally tuned in to an episode of Naked Attraction.

Channel 4 touts itself as being able to 'challenge the mainstream and stir the metaphorical pot', and it did that very well as it put naked people up on a pedestal for the dating show hosted by Anna Richardson.

Recently, though, the broadcaster decided to go beyond sexual attraction in an attempt to provide helpful and interesting insight to our bodies with a new show - Naked Education.

It's still hosted by Richardson, but this time features people of all ages and aims to 'normalise all body types, champion our differences and break down stereotypes'.

Naked Education aims to normalise all bodies.

The show airs at 8pm on Tuesdays - before the 9pm watershed - with the first episode honing in on the topic of body hair.

In a bid to 'debunk some of the most common myths', the show featured four fully naked people stood in front of a room of teens, with presenters Alex George and Yinka Bokinni chatting with youngsters about the facts.

In one clip from the show, a young girl comments: "I've never seen a full naked man before."

It was obviously all for educational purposes, but for some viewers it was just too much.

"What the actual f**k is this," one infuriated viewer began after coming across the show. "I'm very open to most things but kids.......and naked adults......come on man."

Another questioned why the show is on 'before the watershed', though another quickly responded to note 'because it's not sexual'.

The Channel 4 show sparked a lot of backlash.

Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator, explains that the watershed is in place to protect children from 'unsuitable material' including sexual content.

Though Naked Education obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea, many viewers praised the show for its efforts to educate and normalise every type of body.

One person commented: "Just caught the end of #NakedEducation and I'll have to rewatch the full thing. What an awesome idea. Only in Britain would they show fully naked people on TV at 8pm, but I love that!! Seems like a very empowering and positive show about tackling insecurities."

Many viewers celebrated the show.

Naked Education airs every Tuesday on Channel 4, though if you feel like bingeing all of the educational naked content, you can do so on All4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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