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Neil The Baby From Gavin And Stacey Unrecognisable After Finding TikTok Fame

Neil The Baby From Gavin And Stacey Unrecognisable After Finding TikTok Fame

The 13-year-old has been responding to fans about the TV show which aired it's Christmas Special back in 2019

Fans have discovered that the IRL Neil the baby from Gavin & Stacey is now sharing TikTok videos. Here are a couple of them:

Oscar Hartland, 13, played the baby when he was, well a baby himself. Then he took on the role once more but this time there was a little more acting involved because it was the Christmas Special episode which aired back in 2019.

Fans may have thought they'd seen about as much of the youngster as they were going to get but that's until people started to realise that he was posting on the video-sharing platform.

Neil - we mean Oscar - is from Caerphilly in Wales and he regularly shares throwback pictures from his time on the show as well as speaking to Gavin & Stacey fans about what happened on set.


In one of his videos Oscar, a budding musician as well as an actor, explained how many Neil the baby's there were.

He said: "Right, so pretty much in the series before I think there was two. That was me and this other kid, I don't know his name. But on the Christmas Special it was just me."

Someone believed he was asked to go back on the show because he's Ruth Jones' nephew, when someone quizzed him on that, Oscar wrote: "No. I wish I was."


Commenting on one of his videos, someone asked: "Is there gonna be any more Gavin and Stacey?" To which Oscar responded: "It's not up to me."

Someone else sneakily asked: "Are u in the next one?" And, giving nothing away (or there genuinely being nothing to give away), Oscar asked: "What next one???"

After Oscar appeared in the 2019 festive episode, he was invited to Good Morning Britain where he revealed that he'd quizzed Corden while they were on set, asking about whether or not there's more to come.

He recalled: "I did ask James in the process of filming. He said it's just what the people want.

"Me, I would love it to happen. It really depends what other people think about it and whether they like it or not."

Hartland added: "I would like them to make a series four so much. I would like Smithy to say yes, and for the last episode to be their wedding."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/oscarhartland09

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