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Netflix fans ‘nearly sick’ after watching terrifying new thriller Missing

Netflix fans ‘nearly sick’ after watching terrifying new thriller Missing

People said the film was making them 'nearly sick' but they also loved it

A new movie on Netflix is leaving viewers 'nearly sick' as it's so terrifying, so if you're a fan of thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat and gnawing your fingernails off in suspense, this one's probably for you.

The film in question is Missing, which is available to stream on Netflix right now - although it sounds like it's not for the faint of heart.

In the film teenager, June Allen (Storm Reid), is enjoying being home alone after her mum, Grace (Nia Allen), and mum's boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung), jet off to Colombia for a bit of time away.

However, when they don't return on time, June starts to worry that something bad has happened, and she ends up trying to track down her missing (I guess that's where the title of the film comes from) mother.

As for how it all goes from there, that's for you to find out for yourself by giving the movie a watch and seeing if it gives you the same reactions as all those people ranting and raving about it.

June is gonna regret celebrating that her mum's not around.
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People have been ever so slightly excited about the movie and how it made them feel, with one person feeling compelled to hop on social media to say: "YALL IM BEING SO DEADASS RN GO F**KING WATCH THAT MOVIE CALLED MISSING ON NETFLIX IM HALF WAY THRU IT AND HOLY S**T."

As if that one person being 'so deadass rn' wasn't enough to convince you, someone else gave it a '1000/10 OMFGGGG' review, which sounds like quite the ringing endorsement.

Another said 'my f**kin jaw is ON THE FLOOOO', so there really must be something compelling about this film if it's getting so many people to tweet in capital letters.

Speaking of which, another satisfied viewer said the film left them 'SICK TO MY STOMACH', which is pretty much what you'd be looking for in a film like this.

People who've seen the movie are going nuts for it on social media.

It's not just a hit with audiences as critics have also given Missing the thumbs up. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 87 percent of critics came away from Missing having enjoyed what they'd witnessed, so there's a very strong chance that you'd enjoy the time spent watching the movie.

It's actually a follow-up to 2018 thriller Searching, which starred John Cho as a father desperately looking for his disappeared daughter with the help of Debra Messing's detective.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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