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Netflix Viewers Left Open-Mouthed By Sex Scenes In 365 Days Sequel

Netflix Viewers Left Open-Mouthed By Sex Scenes In 365 Days Sequel

365 Days: This Day has taken some Netflix users by surprise, but what were they really expecting?

Netflix viewers have been left shocked by the sex scenes in the sequel to 365 Days. If that has piqued your interest, you can check out the trailer below.

The first film became infamous on the streaming platform for the sheer amount of sex featured, and it seems as if the filmmakers have laid it on thick once again for the second outing.

Released in 2020, 365 Days told the story of a woman who was imprisoned by some bloke called Massimo and given an entire year to fall in love with him.

If you’ve not seen it, you can pretty much imagine how that time period was passed.

Anyway, now they’re back and apparently they’ve doubled down on the sex scenes, even to the point where some viewers are wondering if anything else happens at all.

365 Days: This Day is on Netflix now.

The sequel is called 365 Days: This Day and it stars Anna-Maria Sielucka and Michele Morrone, who are reprising their roles as Laura and Massimo.

It’s all in Polish, just like the first film, but that probably isn’t going to matter if the reviews flooding in from social media are to be believed.

Apparently there’s no let up, not even at the beginning.

One person wrote: "The first 20 mins of the movie 365 Days: This Day was intense, sheesh."

Another said: "I'm watching the 365 Days sequel and I’m 40 minutes in and absolutely nothing has happened.

“No plot just sex scenes and vibes."

A third commented: "365 Days: This Day has premiered on Netflix, so intense guys.”

This is a common observation among those who have seen it.

It’s intense, and very little happens in the way of character development or plot.

It seems as if the whole thing might be a little bit much for some people.

It's pretty much more of the same.

One person said: "365 Days: This Day is so horrible.

“I mean, I've had my expectations low, but it's 15 mins in and what we have here is nothing but cringe a** sex scenes that look more like an extended version of a music video for a lewd playlist."

"15 min into 365 Days & that's already too much sex for me," another commented.

A third wrote: "The new 365 Days movie has no plot, idk I'm just a prude but I can't deal with a sex scene literally every 5 minutes lol."

Still, if this is your thing, you can check it out on Netflix now.

You have been warned, though.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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