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Dexter fans unable to watch 'ninth season' of show on Netflix as collection is readded to streaming platform

Dexter fans unable to watch 'ninth season' of show on Netflix as collection is readded to streaming platform

It could cost you a bit extra if you want to binge it

Look, it’s great having choice. Getting to pick and choose what you want to binge watch on the sofa every night is a treat.

But when you realise you can’t watch one of your favourite shows it feels like an absolute curse - the night’s ruined.

Subscribing to every streaming site can be pricey, so you might have just selected one or two to splash the cash on every month. Yet what do you do when the first seasons of your fave is on one platform, and the latest is on another?

Dexter Morgan is the OG killer of TV.

Fans have been buzzing to be able to sit back and binge Dexter on Netflix as they take in all eight seasons of the serial killer show.

It ran from 2006 until 2013, with Michael C.Hall as blood splatter analyst, Dexter Morgan, who struggles with his urges to become a serial killer. Because you know, those perfectly normal relatable urges.

And several years later, it was brought back for a ‘ninth season’.

Well, the show was revived in 2021 as Dexter: New Blood, adding for the perfect continuation of your long binging sesh.

This new show sees Dexter ten years on from faking his death in Miami and moving up to New York with a different name.

But while he’s there, he gets an unexpected visit from the son he left behind.

Yet as great as this might sound to fans, there’s just one catch from those using a Netflix subscription and nothing else - they can’t watch it.

Dexter: New Blood has instead been added to watch on Prime Video, so viewers will need to switch over platforms to take in a ‘ninth season’.

There was rumoured to be a second season of the revival but it’s been reported that Showtime never confirmed this would happen and hopes are diminished.

But it’s worth a watch, as viewers said the ending has them ‘in literal tears’.

Dexter: New Blood has been added to Prime Video.
Showtime Networks

Dexter: New Blood has a decent 77 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer with a 74 percent average audience score.

One viewer said it had them ‘hooked all the way through’.

Another wrote: “Beautiful continuation of the original series. Though one can differ about the ending, I thought it worked well.”

And someone else even put: “I’d give it 10 stars if I could.”

Although others said it was a bit of a ‘let-down’ and while the ‘first five episodes are as good as the original Dexter… they let the teen drama take over’.

Featured Image Credit: Showtime

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