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Harlan Coben speaks out on people who claim they guessed twist in Fool Me Once

Harlan Coben speaks out on people who claim they guessed twist in Fool Me Once

He doesn't think you guessed the big twist of the series

Warning: Spoilers and ending discussions for Fool Me Once below.

Harlan Coben doesn't think you correctly guessed the big twist to his latest Netflix series Fool Me Once.

The writer has had a whole load of his works adapted for streaming but Fool Me Once has hit new heights with viewers kept guessing at every twist and turn.

As far as the premise of the show goes, Maya (Michelle Keegan) is a recently widowed single mother after her husband Joe (Richard Armitage) was gunned down in front of her.

Only one day she sees him on her nanny cam alive and well, and starts searching for the truth as she tugs at the edges of a wider mystery.

Basically quite a lot of stuff happens after that point and Coben told LADbible he was pretty sure audiences wouldn't figure it all out.

Coben also said Shane tracked Maya's car out of concern for her.

Saying that Fool Me Once was likely the 'biggest twist' his work has contained, he said he could accept people guessing who really murdered Joe but was certain nobody saw the ending to the series coming.

He said: "The biggest twist in one of our shows? It’s hard for me to choose, but I think the ending of Fool Me Once is probably the biggest twist we’ve done to date.

"Some people will claim that they guessed it, but when pressed, they admit they may have gotten the killer, but that’s not the big twist I’m talking about.

"I’m talking about how it all gets resolved."

Ok, really getting into spoilers for Fool Me Once now, Coben accepted that some people would figure out that Joe's killer was none other than Maya herself.

She killed her husband in retaliation for him murdering her sister, as his family had their fingers in many pies and a lot of lies to keep concealed.

Harlan Coben is certain you didn't guess how Fool Me Once ended.
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

What Coben is certain you didn't figure out is how Maya would manage to finally unravel it all in the last episode of Fool Me Once.

See, Maya goes to confront Joe's family, the Burketts, headed up by matriarch Judith (Joanna Lumley) and tells them she's figured it all out.

Behind closed doors they admit plenty of what happened and offer to cover the whole thing up, pinning the blame for other things they'd done on the already-dead Joe.

Maya doesn't go for this, but one of the Burketts gets the gun she'd brought with her and kills her with it.

That's when the final twist of the series is revealed, Maya brought her nanny-cam with her and set it up in the room on a livestream.

The Burketts essentially confessed live on camera and murdered her with the world watching, sealing their doom.

Coben is sure you didn't see this one coming.

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