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Netflix viewers can’t get over entire documentary dedicated to exposing the secrets of Greggs

Netflix viewers can’t get over entire documentary dedicated to exposing the secrets of Greggs

Fans find the Greggs Netflix documentary hilarious

Let’s talk about pastry, and I know immediately who you’re thinking of.

There are so many reasons why Greggs is the UK’s favourite bakery, and it’s not just down to their infamous sausage rolls.

With 70 different products on offer, the Geordie chain has been keeping stomachs filled for 84 years and it’s not looking like it’ll change anytime soon.

This is perhaps because of the amount of precision and intention behind each of their yummy foods.

But no longer shall these once unknown hacks be hidden from us, as Netflix allows viewers to watch the Channel 5 documentary, Greggs: What’s really in it?

Released to fans all over Britain on 7 December, now fans are raving about the sheer comedy of Netflix deciding to host a whole doc about Greggs of all things.

Nestled quietly between your favourite crime series and action shows, this bakery flick will show you the ins and outs of Greggs and the secret to why they are so popular - with Grace Dent taking the lead in showing us around.

For example, did you know that even factory workers aren’t told what’s in the signature seasoning for sausage rolls?

96 layers of perfection.

They won’t even disclose why the chicken bake is so creamy.

But what they will say is that the mixing technique called high-shearing helps to create the chicken bake's sauce blend and the white sauce of the chicken bake is souffled, which could never be replicated at home.

One thing that was disclosed, however, is that each sausage roll contains 96 flaky layers, no more and no less, so that it doesn’t crack but keeps its deliciousness.

Each bake also has a different marking on the top, so employees can tell what's inside before popping it on the counter.

Such as a steak bake with its diagonal slashes on its crust, or the chicken bake which has wavy lines.

Makery manager Mark Moody also shared that ‘If you can spot the injection site you should eat that side first, as that’s where the filling will ooze out’ on their donuts.

What secrets are they hiding?
LightRocket/Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

But it’s not just the common folk who love to chow down on Greggs, there have been high-profile celebrities who have been prone to chomping on a pasty.

For instance, there’s Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman and Adele who have all tasted and enjoyed what Greggs has to offer.

Some fans that spotted the doc on Netflix found it absolutely hilarious that our famous bakery was getting some spotlight.

One person wrote on X: “No chance is there a Greggs documentary by Netflix, up the mags."

Another commented: “Rather amused to see there's a Greggs documentary on Netflix.”

A third person predicted success: “Put a Greggs documentary onto netflix in the UK and it will fly into the top 10 viewed "movies" of the week instantly”.

Are you going to watch it?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Getty Images

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