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Mindhunter fans convinced ‘big surprise’ could come with season three

Mindhunter fans convinced ‘big surprise’ could come with season three

The Netflix masterpiece has been officially cancelled - but all is not lost just yet

Hope remains despite Mindhunter fans being in their fifth year without any legit positive news on a future new season of the show.

The Netflix crime-drama first took to the streaming platform in 2017 with a stellar debut season.

A second season followed in 2019 which again, received positive reviews from both critics and the audience in general.

Based in the late 1970s, it tracks agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), and psychologist Wendy Carr (Anna Torv), in a newly formed Behavioral Science Unit (BSU).

The focus is profiling and interviewing mass murderers in research that helps coin what we now call serial killers.

Based on John E. Douglas' book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, the show mirrors many real world elements of Douglas' 25 years spent as a special agent for the United States' security service.

This included interviewing the likes of Charles Manson in his work for the BSU; something the show accurately replicates with lead character Agent Ford.

Rotten Tomatoes hails the Netflix show as 'distinguishing itself in a crowded genre' of true crime television shows.

McCallany in Mindhunter.

So, despite now being in 2024 and having no third outing of Mindhunter, fans are still holding out.

The show was mothballed and then officially cancelled by Netflix after the costs vs viewership relationship didn't add up.

Despite this, the hope is occasionally given a fresh boost. Just last week Holt McCallany was interviewed claiming that show runner David Fincher is considering an attempt to bring it back.

It's a hope that has quickly made its way into Mindhunter's loyal Reddit community of 73,000 fans.

Fans on there remain guarded, unwilling to get too excited at this stage. After all, it's always the hope that kills you.

But some are taking the plunge, with one simply saying: "Please David just f*****g do it".

Speaking about a potential future announcement, a second fan gave their thoughts on exactly what they expect if season three officially drops.

Instead of the subtle hints, they think Fincher will follow his own path in a style similar to many of his pieces of work. Fight Club didn't achieve cult status from playing it safe, for one.

He said: "I honestly believe this is all a ruse to keep people off their scent so when they drop the new season, it's a big surprise."

Season two featured Charles Manson.

Some aren't convinced. But keeping the faith, one said: "It would be great if David Fincher accepted the fact that the work he did here was purely some of the best filmmaking in years, and it would be an offence to cinema if it were to be left unfinished.

"Like Peter Jackson just quitting after The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Francis Ford Coppola just quitting after The Godfather. Fincher can't just quit after two seasons of Mindhunter. Future film classes need this material.

"Shows and movies have pulled stunts whether to keep the whole thing a secret or parts of it and then just released it. I'm saying it's possible it's constantly going back and forth to make people suspect what the f*** is going on.

"And as they have done this back and forth multiple times of 'the show may have another season... no it wont... yes it will... nah...' would be a really good ploy to drop it unexpected to surprise people since again, this is like the sixth time they were like 'well, maybe?'."

Mindhunter tels the tale of an elite FBI team.

Another fan said the genre suits Fincher too much to not finish the story, writing: "Hopefully Fincher scratched his itch with Mank and The Killer. Now it’s time to get back to your bread and butter: serial murderers."

A fourth got sneaky, suggesting everyone watch it again to 'screw with the Netflix algorithm'. Mindhunter fans, assemble!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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