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New '100/10' Netflix action thriller has 'mind blowing plot' and impressive Rotten Tomatoes rating

New '100/10' Netflix action thriller has 'mind blowing plot' and impressive Rotten Tomatoes rating

The new flick has left viewers seriously impressed

Viewers have been left seriously impressed by a new Netflix movie with one person awarding it ‘100/10’ - they may not know maths but don’t let that put you off.

The South Korean dystopian action flick takes place following an earthquake that turns Seoul into a lawless land.

A synopsis from Netflix explains that the flick takes place three years after a massive earthquake decimated Seoul, turning it into an apocalyptic wasteland. "Many survivors now live in the Bus District, where there’s no fresh drinking water, rogue gangs harass the villagers, and massive crocodiles prowl. Nam San (Don Lee), a huntsman, kills the deadly reptiles to feed the villagers — if they’re willing to cough up one of their few remaining belongings in exchange. He roams the village for food alongside his pal Choi Ji-wan (Lee Jun-young), a younger and far less formidable trapper.

The flick landed on Netflix late last month.

“Over the years, Nam San has grown close with a teen girl, Han Su-na (Roh), whose life he saved during the earthquake.

"When Su-na and her grandma are offered shelter and clean water at an apartment complex nearby, they jump at the chance. But all is not what it seems: Within this apartment complex, there’s a mad doctor, Yang Gi-su (Lee Hee-jun), who conducts deadly experiments on humans. When Sergeant Lee Eun-ho (An Ji-hye) informs Nam San and Ji-wan, the trio set out to find Su-na — before it’s too late.”

Badland Hunters, which is a sequel to Concrete Utopia, landed on Netflix last month and has since earned itself a place in the Most Watched movie list, as well as picking up an army of fans.

Meanwhile, the flick boasts a respectable 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer.

Sharing their opinion on IMDb, where the movie holds a 6/10, one fan praised: “This movie is incredible. The plot was mind blowing. Thumbs up for the team behind this.”

The movie has seriously impressed viewers.

A second said: “This movie is good to watch. If you like action movies, this is one of the good ones to watch. It’s definitely 100/10.”

Meanwhile over on X, one person said: “OK so Badland Hunters is something else. If you like dystopian films with a lot of blood and gore then this one’s for you!”

Another added: “I watched Badland Hunters earlier, it was actually really good. I wasn't expecting a lot but I loved it. Ma Dong-seok was sooo good in it too.”

A third said: “Badland Hunters was badass!! If I had to describe it; it would be Mad Max meets Dredd. The action was chaotic a lot of funny moments as well but Kim Bo-Tong and Kwak Jae-Min were able to keep the series moments in check. Favourite movie of 2024 so far!”

Badland Hunters is streaming on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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