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Netflix viewers say life has changed for the better after typing in '9875'

Netflix viewers say life has changed for the better after typing in '9875'

Users said their viewing experience on the streaming platform got a whole lot easier thanks to this hack

Deciding what you want to watch on Netflix just got a whole lot easier.

We all know the torture of trying to choose something to stick on while you're unwinding on the sofa - someone's already watched that movie, it isn't the right genre, it's too longwinded or it has that annoying person starring in it.

Most viewers are already well versed in the trials and tribulations of selecting a new series or film to engross themselves in.

In my house, we're debating Friday night's pick the week before - just so everyone can get their arguments of for and against in with plenty of time.

But it seems that our days of hovering over films and debating what documentary to watch could finally be coming to an end, with the help of four digits.

Netflix viewers have claimed their lives have been 'changed for the better' after simply typing in '9875' instead of browsing through the endless list of options.

You can skip the what to watch debate with this handy Netflix hack.
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Some generous social media users shared the handy hack to achieving TV harmony in your home, which dually stops you from relentlessly scrolling through titles before settling on your next watch.

By typing the numbers in the search bar, it will unlock a treasure chest of specific titles dedicated to that certain genre - in this case, crime.

Nowadays, it's almost un-cool if you aren't up to date with your serial killers.

From Jeffrey Dahmer to Ted Bundy - these shocking individuals have been the topic of conversation in the true crime community for years.

However, with the biopics becoming so popular on Netflix, the serial killer genre is soaring to new levels of popularity.

So if you're a fan of the gory stuff, simply type '9875' into the platform's search box and huge list of Netflix's crime documentaries and biopics suddenly appear.

It's as simple as that.

Typing in '9875' will bring up all the crime options you can dream of.

One viewer raved: "It works. Best way to find True crime on Netflix."

Another said: "I didn't think this would work this is really cool thank you."

The only slight issue with the secret feature is that some viewers were reporting rather inconsistent and pretty frightening results.

"Peppa Pig also came up," one user wrote, while someone else also added: "I did it and Shrek Forever After came up."

For those who prefer something a bit more light-hearted, it turns out that there's loads of different codes that are linked to different genres.

So, don't worry, we've got you covered.

It turns out that there's loads of different codes to use on Netflix.
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Check out the full list below:

Action & Adventure (1365)

Asian Action Movies (77232)

Classic Action & Adventure (46576)

Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)

Spy Action & Adventure (10702)

Crime Action & Adventure (9584)

Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)

Martial Arts Movies (8985)

Military Action & Adventure (2125)

Children & Family Movies (783)

Movies for Ages 0 to 2 (6796)

Movies for Ages 2 to 4 (6218)

Movies for Ages 5 to 7 (5455)

Movies for Ages 8 to 10 (561)

Movies for Ages 11 to 12 (6962)

Education for Kids (10659)

Movies Based on Children's Books (10056)

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)

Classic Thrillers (46588)

Classic War Movies (48744)

Classic Foreign Movies (32473)

Late Night Comedies (1402)

Political Comedies (2700)

Screwball Comedies (9702)

Slapstick Comedies (10256)

Cult Horror Movies (10944)

Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)

Biographical Documentaries (3652)

Crime Documentaries (9875)

Foreign Documentaries (5161)

Historical Documentaries (5349)

Military Documentaries (4006)

Sports Documentaries (180)

Music & Concert Documentaries (90361)

Travel & Adventure Documentaries (1159)

Political Documentaries (7018)

Religious Documentaries (10005)

Science & Nature Documentaries (2595)

Social & Cultural Documentaries (3675)

Biographical Dramas (3179)

Courtroom Dramas (528582748)

Dramas based on Books (4961)

Dramas based on Real Life (3653)

Social Issue Dramas (3947)

Faith & Spirituality (26835)

Spiritual Documentaries (2760)

Kids Faith & Spirituality (751423)

Foreign Action & Adventure (11828)

Classic Foreign Movies (32473)

Foreign Documentaries (5161)

Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243)

Foreign Horror Movies (8654)

Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)

Foreign Thrillers (10306)

Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)

Latin American Movies (1613)

Middle Eastern Movies (5875)

New Zealand Movies (63782)

Scandinavian Movies (9292)

Southeast Asian Movies (9196)

Eastern European Movies (5254)

Gay & Lesbian Movies (5977)

Gay & Lesbian Comedies (7120)

Gay & Lesbian Dramas (500)

Romantic Gay & Lesbian Movies (3329)

Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies (8243)

Gay & Lesbian Documentaries (4720)

Gay & Lesbian TV Shows (65263)

Cult Horror Movies (10944)

Deep Sea Horror Movies (45028)

Foreign Horror Movies (8654)

Slasher and Serial Killer Movies (8646)

Supernatural Horror Movies (42023)

Vampire Horror Movies (75804)

Werewolf Horror Movies (75930)

Zombie Horror Movies (75405)

Independent Movies (7077)

Experimental Movies (11079)

Independent Action & Adventure (11804)

Independent Thrillers (3269)

Romantic Independent Movies (9916)

Independent Comedies (4195)

Country & Western/Folk (1105)

Jazz & Easy Listening (10271)

Urban & Dance Concerts (9472)

World Music Concerts (2856)

Rock & Pop Concerts (3278)

Romantic Favourites (502675)

Romantic Independent Movies (9916)

Romantic Foreign Movies (7153)

Steamy Romantic Movies (35800)

Classic Romantic Movies (31273)

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1568)

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy (47147)

Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (4734)

Sci-Fi Horror Movies (1694)

Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy (6485)

Sports Documentaries (180)

Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling (6695)

Basketball Movies (12762)

Classic Thrillers (46588)

Foreign Thrillers (10306)

Independent Thrillers (3269)

Psychological Thrillers (5505)

Political Thrillers (10504)

Supernatural Thrillers (11140)

Military TV Shows (25804)

Science & Nature TV (52780)

TV Action & Adventure (10673)

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1372)

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Cyano66/Pixabay

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