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New Netflix movie subtly calls out people who claim vaping ‘isn’t smoking’

New Netflix movie subtly calls out people who claim vaping ‘isn’t smoking’

The film poked fun at vapers who don't think the habit should be put in the same category as smoking.

It hasn't even been a week since Old Dads landed on Netflix, but it has already been receiving rave reviews from viewers.

The comedy film follows the escapades of three middle-aged fathers trying to find their feet in the modern world.

The movie - starring Bill Burr, Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine - is littered with hilarious comparisons between past and present.

It shines a light on how things have changed over the years, as well as many topical subjects - including vaping.

In one hilarious scene, Old Dads seems to subtly call out people who claim that puffing on an electronic cigarette doesn't count as smoking.

We've all seen our pals hash it out over this tense topic.

It seems vapers think they have an air of authority over those who prefer a cigarette - even though they have to stand next to them in the smoking area at a bar.

I'm pretty sure non-smokers probably group the rivals in the same category too.

Whichever one you're puffing on, you still have to blow a cloud of smoke out of your mouth.

Bill Burr called out people who don't think vaping is the same as smoking in the film.

If you sit down to watch Old Dads - which was released on Netflix this week - you will be able to watch this controversial discussion take place on the big screen.

Funnyman Burr - who plays the role of Jack - is seen chugging on a cigar on the balcony of a motel.

He is then approached by the owner of the lodgings - who has a vape in his mouth - and told that he 'can't smoke out here'.

The bemused actor, enveloped by a cloud of vape smoke, obviously points out that the bloke is doing the exact same thing.

Burr asks: "What's the difference?"

The motel owner then hits back: "The difference is, people can't smell what I'm doing from ten blocks away."

Well then.

The pair then begin bickering, with a stunned Burr vowing to continue smoking his cigar due to the double standard.

The hilarious argument in Old Dads sparked a debate among viewers.

He continues: "My problem is that I live in a world where a guy who is smoking is telling me I can't smoke."

The man continues to insist that vaping is not the same as smoking, which only angers Burr more.

After reaching his breaking point, he explodes: "What makes it smoking buddy is the f**king smoke coming out of your mouth!"

I mean, he is right.

Social media users continued the debate after the short snippet of the film began circulating.

One wrote: "Lol, it's not the same."

Another said: "Vaping is pretty much smoking but it's true that it smells less bad."

A third added: "It's vapour not smoke."

And a fourth chimed in: "Burr speaking facts."

Others shared their love for the movie, dubbing it 'one of the best' they had watched in a while.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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