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New trailer for Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge released

New trailer for Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge released

A new trailer for Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge has just dropped.

The new trailer for Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge has just dropped.

Watch below:

While we wait for season two, Netflix have given us Squid Game: The Challenge, a spin-off version of the South Korean series.

The streaming platform has called the new show the 'biggest reality competition ever' as 456 players will enter the game with the hopes of receiving a life-changing reward of $4.56 million (£3.73 million).

"As they compete through a series of games inspired by the original show - plus surprising new additions - their strategies, alliances, and character will be put to the test while competitors are eliminated around them," the synopsis reads.

Now, it's important to note that in the original Squid Game, the competition was a lot more serious and contestants would quite literally die if they didn't successfully complete a challenge.

Viewers of this new reality spinoff will (hopefully) be pleased to know that in the spinoff, the contestants' lives will not be at stake - although the new show has proven controversial with one contestant speaking out about 'distressing' conditions while filming.

But one character that will be making their the return is the creepy giant animatronic doll, Young-hee, for a new round of Red Light, Green Light.

And in the new trailer, you will notice a big cash-filled piggy bank hanging over the dormitory.

The scary doll is back once again.

“I’m going to be your best friend, but I will absolutely double cross you,” one contestant says in the clip, while another remarks, “People’s true colours are starting to come out.”

Commenting on the trailer, one viewer said: "I think this will tide us over till season two drops because this looks AMAZING!!!"

"The cast of Squid Game needs to make an appearance in some episodes of this challenge as guest stars y’all," a second person suggested.

As a third added: "This is like the MrBeast Squid Game but upgraded lmao not as creepy as the actual Squid Game series cause they know they won’t die for real, but still going to be heart pumping."

"This is basically many of our what if Squid Game was a game show?! Fantasies come to life!!" another commented.

"Can’t wait to check this out!!!"

While someone else said: "Get ready for friends to become enemies and enemies friends.

"Families will crumble, loyalty tested, and alliances made. I’m going to watch this one way or another. Shout out to any of the players with the numbers from the squid games TV series. Good luck."

The 10-episode competition series was filmed in the UK and will come out on Netflix next month.

"Make friends. Make enemies. Make millions. Squid Game: The Challenge, the competition series based on our biggest show ever, premieres November 22," Netflix has said.

We can't wait.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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