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Netflix viewers demand second season of new gangster series about ruthless triad killer

Netflix viewers demand second season of new gangster series about ruthless triad killer

The first season has just released and viewers are already calling for another

Anyone who's ever watched Netflix knows the dangers of getting caught in a binge, once you're done with one episode you don't even have to do anything but wait for the next one to start playing.

However, eventually you will run out of show and have to watch something else and fans of a new series that has only just released are wishing it wasn't so.

The three leading stars of The Brothers Sun, your new favourite thing on Netflix.

The Brothers Sun is part action, part comedy, part drama and only launched on Netflix a few days ago, but that's been long enough to develop some very loyal fans.

Plenty of viewers have already binged their way through the series in little less than one solitary week and now they want more.

They're already flocking to social media to demand that Netflix cracks on with a second season and possibly even more to satisfy their cravings.

If you've not yet heard about it, the quick lowdown is that The Brothers Sun follows Charles (Justin Chien), the son of a notorious Taiwanese triad leader who is slain by a mysterious assassin.

Charles decides to travel to Los Angeles to protect his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh) and his younger brother Bruce (Sam Song Li).

From there the family basically have to sort out their differences while attempting to avoid assassination, and those who've seen it are absolutely loving it.

They've been taking to social media and saying 'ima need Netflix to give me multiple seasons please & thank u'.

Others want to know 'where the f*** is the season two announcement' and think Netflix would be foolish not to 'make 35 seasons' of The Brothers Sun.

The critics have loved it as well, with the series sitting pretty at 82 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, so enjoy some action and a chuckle at the same time this January.

Fans are hoping Netflix won't let this show go the way of the dinosaurs.

However, there's always the danger with Netflix that your fave is just not going to get another season and will instead be cancelled.

A whole load of shows get the axe each year, some of them only getting one season to shine before they get told there's no more future for them on the streaming service.

Netflix fans can get quite upset when their most beloved shows aren't among those getting renewed, with viewers sometimes left in limbo as the series ends before the show had a chance to wrap up the story properly.

Then of course there's all the things which leave the streaming service, and people keep bringing up an old message from Netflix where it said it 'doesn't like leaving a story unfinished'.

Cross your fingers for a second season.

The Brothers Sun is available to stream now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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