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Shadow and Bone fans bombard Netflix for days demanding return of cancelled show

Shadow and Bone fans bombard Netflix for days demanding return of cancelled show

Fans are NOT happy with Netflix's decision to axe their favourite show

Fans of a recently axed Netflix favourite are bombarding their Instagram comment section in hopes to bring back the show and release ‘Mathias from hell gate.’

No idea what that means? Me neither.

But it seems like fans have some unfinished business with book-turned-series as they have come out in droves to get their message across.

No one would make this much effort for a show that didn’t have a sexy lead, a fantasy world of magic and the chance for multiple spin offs.

I am, of course, talking about the insanely popular Netflix series, Shadow and Bone.

Shadow and Bone, starring Ben Barnes, ran for two seasons on Netflix before it was unceremoniously axed, not long SAG AFTRA had reached a ‘tentative agreement’ with the boys upstairs, bringing the WGA strikes to an end.

News broke last week that Netflix had cancelled five shows, including Agent Elvis, Glamorous, Farzaar and Captain Fall - news that has disappointed fans from all genres - including the show’s author, Leigh Bardugo.

Bardugo wrote: “I'm heartbroken and deeply disappointed, but I'm

also trying to hold onto my very real gratitude. Most authors never get to see their work adapted/ Many who do end up regretting the experience.

"I'm one of the lucky few who can look at an adaptation with pride and tremendous joy.”

Shadow and Bone fans aren't taking this lying down.

Fans echoed this sadness, but with more rage thrown in.

One X user said: “Do not, for any reason, ever fall in love with a Netflix TV show. They kill them at the first chance they have.”

“Netflix cancelling yet another show only to go on and make the next braindead thing in hopes for it to become the next Squid Game or Wednesday.

“It's not about quality anymore and only about going viral,” penned a second.


Things didn’t stop there as fans are flooding every post the streaming giant dare promote with #saveshadowandbone and #sixofcrowsspinoff - Six of Crows being the once agreed spin off that will now never see the light of day.

No wonder they’re angry.

One said: I love how they keep ignoring 150.000 people.”

And another quite worryingly put: “You don’t bring in a Heartrender unless you need an answer out of someone who isn’t willing to talk. That’s how we get this job done before anyone else.”

I don’t know what a Heartrender is, but now I’m worried.

A third demanded: “We want crows!” while a final user simply said:

“Justice for Shadow and Bone.”

In case you want to binge a show you now know won’t give you any closure, the synopsis reads: “In a world cleaved in two by a massive barrier of perpetual darkness, where unnatural creatures feast on human flesh, a young soldier uncovers a power that might finally unite her country. But as she struggles to hone her power, dangerous forces plot against her.”

Surprised Netflix hasn’t turned their comments off… maybe there’s hope after all?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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