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Netflix viewers ‘can’t sleep’ after watching ‘insane’ new conspiracy documentary

Netflix viewers ‘can’t sleep’ after watching ‘insane’ new conspiracy documentary

Netflix's new documentary follows Danny Casolaro's mysterious death.

Warning: This article contains discussion of suicide which some readers may find distressing.

Netflix viewers say they ‘can’t sleep’ after watching an ‘insane’ new conspiracy documentary.

If you fancy something a bit more terrifying for your annual binge-watch from the comfort of your sofa then this one's definitely for you.

The TV programme follows the disturbing case of Danny Casolaro, an investigative journalist who was found dead in his room aged 44.

Although his death was ruled as a suicide, those nearest and dearest to him were convinced that he had been murdered.

This led to a conspiracy theory, called 'The Octopus', which suggests Casolaro was getting too close to unveiling government truths.

Take a look at the trailer for American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders below:

If you're thinking that sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie, then you wouldn't be far off.

Casolaro believed the shadowy body was allegedly linked to spyware, money laundering and was headed up by corrupt government officials.

The story was a familiar one with journalists in and around Washington DC in the 1980s - of which there was a dispute between the Department of Justice and a technology company called INSLAW.

The disagreement appeared to be over intellectual property rights, but it was soon discovered that it was much more serious than initially seemed.

The documentary follows the story of journalist Danny Casolaro who was found dead in his hotel room.

After a lot of research, the writer believed that he had uncovered a hidden organisation.

"These eight men, they're no longer government officials but their tentacles can reach into any part of government in almost any country." excerpts reported to be from the journalist's research read.

Casolaro thought it all started with a computer program called Promis, which he believed was liked to a string of suspicious deaths - and he eventually became 'obsessed' with the case.

He headed out to a motel in summer 1991 expecting to interview a key source for the story - but he never returned.

The show has left viewers unable to sleep.

The series has since received a 88 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and viewers seem to be hooked.

"If you want to go down the deep rabbit hole of government conspiracies, watch this Netflix show called 'American Conspiracy, the Octopus Murders," one person tweeted.

"My mind is in a blender from watching The Octopus Murders late last night. Couldn’t sleep. Been thinking about it non stop. I want to blog about it but I don’t even know where to begin," a second added.

"Stop everything you’re doing and watch American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders on Netflix. Not being dramatic this is insane," a third said.

"The Octopus Murders is the best documentary I have watched in a long time. 10/10." someone else said.

American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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