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Viewers call new stalker Netflix doc the 'craziest and scariest' thing they've ever seen

Viewers call new stalker Netflix doc the 'craziest and scariest' thing they've ever seen

It follows three victims of one of the UK's most prolific cyberstalkers

Netflix has released a new documentary series that people are calling the 'scariest' thing they've ever seen.

If you've just about recovered from Lover, Stalker, Killer, this new two-part factual series is another reminder of the terrifying people you can meet on the internet.

The unnerving doc was added to the streaming platform on Wednesday (21 February) and tells the story of one of the UK's most prolific cyberstalkers.

Lia Marie Hambly was terrorised by Matthew Hardy.

It follows three women — Zoe Jade Hallam, Abby Furness, and Lia Marie Hambly — and their accounts of being terrorised by serial cyberstalker Matthew Hardy.

Each story started the same way – a harmless message from one of their followers.

But things quickly escalated. The women, and their friends and family, were subjected to endless messages across multiple social media sites as Hardy posed as people they knew, using fake profiles to share their private information and spread devastating lies.

You can watch the trailer for Netflix's Can I Tell You a Secret? below:

It's truly the stuff of nightmares and, for a long time, Hallam, Furness and Hambly had no idea who was harassing them.

That was until they found a champion in police constable Kevin Anderson, who was committed to tracking down the UK's most prolific cyberstalker.

The true crime documentary, which investigates his victims’ path to justice, has received glowing reviews but also left viewers terrified.

Matthew Hardy was the one stalking the women.
Cheshire Police

One user wrote on X: "'Can I Tell You a Secret?' on Netflix I can say is one of the craziest and scariest [documentaries] I’ve watched. It’s literally about stalkers and their victims, I recommend y’all to watch especially women."

Another commented: "So shocked by Can I Tell You a Secret? The mental torture he did deserves a lot longer sentence than he was given."

A third called the series 'absolutely terrifying,' and said: "They’re living something that has always been my absolute worst fear in this doc, it’s scary!"

And a fourth warned their Netflix users: "Watch it during the day time with all the lights on. Cuz I am scared right now."

PC Kevin Anderson was determined to get justice for the women.

But Can I Tell You a Secret? isn't the first terrifying true story about stalkers to be shared on the platform.

Lover, Stalker, Killer had viewers vowing to stay away from dating apps after it was released earlier this month (9 February).

It follows the story of Dave Kroupa, who had just come out of a long-term relationship and decided to try online dating.

But, after meeting Liz Golyar and Cari Farver, he was swept up in a 'twisted, tragic love triangle that put Dave and everyone he cared about at risk.'

The documentary uses interviews with those involved as well as dramatic re-enactments to tell the story and has been described as 'one of the most mental true crime documentaries I have ever seen.'

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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