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‘Mind-bogglingly good’ Netflix documentary experimenting on twins has people ‘rethinking their whole life’

‘Mind-bogglingly good’ Netflix documentary experimenting on twins has people ‘rethinking their whole life’

This four-part documentary series has viewers wanting to turn vegan left, right and centre

'Veganuary' has become a staple New Year's trend over the last few years, with more and more people wanting to decrease the amount of meat and boost the amount of veggies in their diets.

If you were tempted by a plant-based lifestyle in 2024 but didn't reckon you'd be able to resist a fish and chip supper or a meatalicious pizza, Netflix has launched a brand new vegan-friendly experimental series that has already changed the lives of millions of viewers.

This four-part series sees several sets of American identical twins changing their diets and exercise routines for eight weeks in a science experiment designed to explore how certain foods impact the body.

In the show - which was released just in time for Veganuary this year, one member of each of the four pairs follows an omnivorous diet - continuing to eat meat, fish, dairy and vegetables.

Their identical sibling alternatively follows a totally animal-free diet in this series, which provides a rundown of the main benefits to this vegan diet.

That's because, within a matter of weeks, those participants following the plant-based diet saw visceral fat - the harmful kind which surrounds the organs - had reduced significantly.

The experiment is carried out on four sets of twins.

Meanwhile, those continuing to eat meat and fish experienced a minute increase in their body's visceral fat.

These siblings were also found to have a significantly lower LDL ('bad') cholesterol, compared to their meat-eating other-halves.

Though both twins in each set that took part in this impressive experiment lost weight - due to the show's focus on the benefits of exercise, the vegan siblings lost, on average, 4.2 pounds (1.9kg) more than the omnivores.

But what is this ground-breaking new show, and why has it caused such an impact to the worlds of lifestyle and diet?

The show compares omnivorous and vegan diets.

We are, of course, talking about You Are What You Eat: The Twin Experiment, which has been dubbed by many viewers as one of the most influential forms of persuasion to join those already enjoying a healthy vegan diet.

"Watching You Are What You Eat on Netflix… and am now seriously considering eating little to no red meat from now on," one viewer penned on X.

Another wrote: "You Are What You Eat on Netflix was mind-bogglingly good. Like actually making me want to consider going fully vegan."

"Have y’all watched You Are What You Eat on Netflix??" a third asked. "Ngl after seeing the background on these farms who supply the beef and chicken, etc I’m much more open to trying a vegan diet."

The vegan twins came out much healthier.

A fourth went on to admit: "Watching You Are What You Eat on Netflix and it’s making me rethink my whole life. I’m so grateful we found a local farm to get our meat and produce from. It’s all so scary."

While someone else confessed: "Watching You Are What You Eat on Netflix and I suddenly am about to be vegan."

You Are What You Eat: The Twin Experiment is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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