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Netflix viewers fight back tears over #1 film based on incredible true story

Netflix viewers fight back tears over #1 film based on incredible true story

The emotional new film stars Bill Nighy and Michael Ward

There are some films that really pack the emotional punch, and Netflix’s new tearjerker is one of them.

This ‘heartwarming’ movie is based on a true story and made it's way to the platform just in time for the Easter Bank Holiday on Friday 29 March.

The Beautiful Game explores the story of a squad of homeless English footballers, playing at the Homeless World Cup.

Now, if you thought it couldn’t get better than that, the renowned Bill Nighy plays the squad's coach, Mal, who tries his best to ensure the squad reaches the final tournament in Rome.

There’s some pretty serious British star power in this film, with Top Boy’s Michael Ward playing Vinny, a star player with a troubled past.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, fans were all over the film and its uplifting premise.

One person wrote: “What a beautiful movie.

“But I warn you … have a box of tissues nearby when watching this because you may shed a tear or two.

“Everyone go and watch The Beautiful Game.. out on Netflix today!! So heartwarming, special and important.”

Even Katie Sinclair, a film producer who worked on the production wrote: “The Beautiful Game is out today on Netflix. The last production I worked on in my old job to be released.

Oh, how we've missed Bill Nighy.

“A pure Easter family watch. Challenge yourself not to cry. Based on an incredible real organisation.”

However, it’s not 100 per cent a true story.

Of course, the film is inspired by the real Homeless World Cup and was also made in cooperation with the tournament's foundation, what happens in the film and the characters are fictional.

While coach Mal and Vinny are made up, the filmmakers allegedly used different real-life stories to help with the script and plot, according to the Daily Mail.

The president and founder of the Homeless World Cup Foundation, Mel Young, said: “We are incredibly excited to be the focus of the upcoming film The Beautiful Game.

Michael Ward plays troubled Vinny.

“The Homeless World Cup is our contribution to tackling the homeless problem across the globe - but there is so much more to do.

“We have proved just how powerful football can be when it is applied to a social problem, and we will keep striving to do more.

“We hope that the work we do being told in The Beautiful Game inspires more people to join in and support future Homeless World Cups, and together we can all aim to end homelessness forever.”

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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