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Tyson Fury gets dressing down from wife Paris for wanting to buy Blackpool airport

Kit Roberts

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As many perhaps would, Tyson Fury's wife swiftly shut down the boxer's desire to purchase both a second private jet and Blackpool Airport.

Now, most of us have fantasised about what we might splash the cash on if we suddenly became obscenely wealthy.

While there are, of course, the more sensible options like setting up investment portfolios and trust funds to make sure the money lasts, it's probably more fun to think about mega spending sprees.

Supercars, helicopters, and private jets all feature prominently in these fantasies.


Owning a private jet, which can cost $2.5 million a year to run, are the preserve of the very very rich.

But for Tyson Fury, it seems that merely having one private jet is not enough as not only did he speculate about buying a second one for the UK, he also expressed his desire to buy Blackpool airport.

The heavyweight champion raised the topic with his wife Paris over the kitchen table in his new Netflix series, At Home with the Furys.

Tyson Fury wanted to buy a second private jet. Credit: Netflix
Tyson Fury wanted to buy a second private jet. Credit: Netflix

The series follows the day to day lives of the family, including mulling over whether to buy a second private jet.

Sitting down to eat, the boxer said: "I need to buy a private jet. Another one for England," to which Paris replied: "You own a jet."

However, Tyson was not convinced, saying: "I know but I want an England one."

Paris, who share six children with her husband, seemed thoroughly unimpressed at the prospect, saying bluntly: "No, I'm not getting involved in that."


Tyson highlighted that he was sick of not being able to fly when he wants to. Sounds like a good problem to have!

Paris pointed out the cost, saying: "A jet's gonna cost 60 grand every time you want to fly somewhere."

However, Tyson seemed ready for that, replying that this was only when they are 'going from here to America or whatever'.

However it seems that a second private jet was the least of Tyson's buying ambitions that particular day as he speculated about an even bigger purchase.

Paris Fury was not impressed by the prospect of buying an airport. Credit: Netflix
Paris Fury was not impressed by the prospect of buying an airport. Credit: Netflix

He said: "I might buy Blackpool Airport," much to his wife's surprise who said: "You might do what now sorry?"

An adamant Tyson reiterated: "I might buy Blackpool Airport", adding: "I'm sure the council might be open to a big offer."

In the tone of a parent telling a grandchild they're not having a second Playstation, she said: "You're not buying Blackpool Airport."


She explained why, saying: "Because you don't need an airport."

Unfazed, a buoyant Tyson responded simply saying: "I'm in the mood for buying."

That's quite a buying mood!

At Home With The Furys is available to stream on Netflix now.

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Kit Roberts
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